Pollen Mobile Partners With CalChip Connect to Accelerate Deployment of Its Next-Generation Decentralized Mobile Network

San Francisco, CA and Warminster, PA, May 06, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CalChip Connect, one of the world’s leading decentralized wireless communications hardware distributors, has entered into a distribution partnership with Pollen Mobile, the first privacy-focused mobile network that is owned and operated by its users.

As part of the partnership, CalChip Connect will sell hardware compatible with the Pollen network – including a range of base stations called ‘Flowers’ – directly to consumers and network entrepreneurs, accelerating the deployment of the anonymous, high-speed wireless network.

To mark the partnership, CalChip will be launching a limited drop of a new type of outdoor Pollen Flower called the ‘Elderflower’ – essentially a more robust version of Pollen’s existing ‘Dandelion’ model – on Tuesday, May 10 at noon ET / 9am PT via CalChip’s online store. Additional Pollen eSIMs will also be made for sale at Pollen’s online store.

 “We’ve been highly focused on advancing the future of decentralized mobile networks. Partnering with a leader like Pollen will catapult our efforts,” said TJ Rancour, President and Co-Founder of CalChip Connect. “Pollen has tremendous potential to revolutionize mobile connectivity, and has built the right infrastructure to support scale.”

Pollen Mobile’s network is open source, powered by blockchain technology, and built for privacy. It provides an anonymous, accessible, and affordable alternative to traditional mobile carriers.

Members of the Pollen Mobile community are rewarded with PollenCoin, a Solana-based cryptocurrency, in return for contributing services to the network, including providing coverage, validating coverage, and transferring data for end users. 

“The rapid growth and enthusiasm of the Pollen community since we launched in January has been incredible. We have been selling out of hardware as fast as we can build it,” said Anthony Levandowski, Founder and CEO of Pollen Mobile. “CalChip will help us catch up with the community’s demand, and we’re super excited to work with their team to rapidly bring the future of mobile communications into the present.”

About CalChip Connect

CalChip Connect (CCC) is the nation's leading IoT distributor. Its passionate team combines extensive supply chain experience with an intimate understanding of the market for connected devices, to expedite access to the highest performing devices in the market today through a modern eCommerce shopping experience. More than just an eCommerce store, CCC helps manufacturers achieve scalable distribution with global warehousing, high-tech sourcing, supply chain management consulting, and component sourcing. More information at www.calchipconnect.com

About Pollen Mobile

Pollen Mobile is catalyzing the development of the world’s first decentralized, user owned and operated mobile network designed for privacy and anonymity. By utilizing open source technologies and protocols, a crypto economy built around the PollenCoin token, and working with partners such as CalChip Connect, Pollen is giving its users the power to take back their mobile privacy with an affordable alternative to traditional mobile carriers. Additional information about Pollen Mobile can be found at www.pollenmobile.io

Pollen Mobile Media Contact: Jon Walton, press@pollenmobile.io

CalChip Connect Media Contact: Benjamin Friend ben@calchipconnect.com


Pollen Mobile partners with CalChip Connect

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