Triad Partners Welcomes Chris Smith and Campfire Effect as a Strategic Partner

LAWRENCE, Kan., May 11, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Triad Partners was formed with one mission in mind: To help financial advisors grow their business and live their best lives. And it starts by helping advisors stand out in an industry where everyone often seems the same.

To do this, Triad has strategically partnered with marketing expert Chris Smith. Through his firm, Campfire Effect, Chris captures each advisor's unique identity and weaves it into their branding. Triad's member advisors can work with Chris to elevate their image and become the preeminent advisor in their respective market.

For Chris, marketing is all about creating connection. It's an approach he's used to grow Campfire Effect. "I grew up a cowboy, surrounded by storytellers," he said. "I soaked up wisdom that can't be found in books. I pursued a few vocations and found a measure of success in each, but none spoke to me.

"Instead, I spoke into each of them," he continued. "In doing so, I discovered my purpose: Connecting with people to create a narrative, find meaning and unlock growth and change."

"Chris specializes in helping advisors identify what they do and why they do it, then creates messaging to attract ideal clients and separate the advisor from everyone else," Shawn continued. "Too often advisors' marketing and messaging all sounds the same. But Chris gives them a framework to cut through the noise and let their authentic selves shine through."

Consistent messaging enables advisors to grow their business, without being the one to do all the work. "In order to scale your business, you've got to have a scalable message," Shawn said. "When your firm has a well-developed marketing strategy, it's duplicatable to others in your office. It can apply to everything you do, from working with clients to your campaigns or events. When your branding is consistent, it shows your audience that you are consistent, both as a person and as a company."

Triad has firsthand experience with Chris's expertise. They hired Campfire Effect to do their corporate marketing - and immediately recognized the value he and his firm could bring to their member advisors. Now all advisors who work with Triad Partners have access to Chris's knowledge and expertise for free.

"It's our mission to assist advisors and firms of all sizes with becoming the preeminent brand in their market," Chris said. "By working together, we can find clarity, create culture, build teams and bring about sustainable growth aligned with who they are in the world."


About Triad Partners

Triad Partners provides custom, digital-first marketing campaigns for top financial advisors across the U.S. Visit for more information or to inquire about membership.

About Campfire Effect

Campfire Effect helps purpose-drive, mission-focused entrepreneurs tell their story in a creative and compelling way. They use coaching and done-for-you services to enable business owners to define and refine their personal and professional messaging. For more information, visit

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Image 1: Triad Partners Welcomes Chris Smith and Campfire Effect as a Strategic Partner

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Triad Partners Welcomes Chris Smith and Campfire Effect  as a Strategic Partner