Sovereign Nature Initiative (SNI) Announces Experimental Zone #1, a Web3 For Nature Summit, in Amsterdam

Amsterdam-based nonprofit foundation Sovereign Nature Initiative launches Experimental Zone #1, a unique in-person event showcasing cutting-edge, regenerative blockchain technologies addressing sustainability challenges.

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AMSTERDAM, May 12, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- As the climate crisis rages, the Sovereign Nature Initiative calls for everyday citizens, ecologists, artists, and technologists of the world to attend an innovative, in-real-life gathering in Amsterdam on May 21, 2022 to explore the possibility of a fundamental shift in the relationship between humans and nature.

Experimental Zone #1 (EZ1), held at Amsterdam’s city playground for sustainability De Ceuvel, serves as a showcase for SNI, a Dutch-based nonprofit working at the intersection between ecology, economy and web3 technologies. Featuring tech teams and futurists alongside local musicians, dancers, and installation artists, this one-of-a-kind public event will bring together world-class artists, thinkers, and innovators to celebrate and explore the emerging ideas and technologies inside SNI’s booming ecosystem.

This one-day event will kick off with an exciting showcase of SNI’s new Germinator Program, seven new web3 technology projects developed during SNI’s February hackathon that consider the value and identity of nature in innovative ways. Event attendees will be able to test these technologies and learn about their applications as they complement De Ceuvel’s sustainability initiatives. The Germinator teams are mindful of the unintended externalities associated with software development, which is why SNI has chosen to partner with Unique Network, a scalable blockchain recognized for composable NFTs and sustainability. The Germinators recognize that building on Unique assures that their tech has a minimal footprint on the environment.

“At SNI, we strive to nurture a diverse community and build strong partnerships to help us explore creative and innovative ways to balance our relationship to the natural world we are integral part of. As our partner, Unique Network generously offered to support the participants of our Germinator Program with a considerable bounty allocation that will help them further develop their radical ideas,” said Alessandro Mazzi, Head of Partnerships at SNI.

SNI’s Germinator teams will be leveraging Unique’s NFT capabilities for several applications throughout the event, such as rewarding positive ecological actions and volunteerism and generating value for De Ceuvel park by selling park-inspired nature NFTs, in addition to more advanced propositions like using dynamically changing NFTs to represent flora and fauna present at De Ceuvel.

"The Germinator Program is a journey that was designed to support seven technical teams from all over the world to bring to life the best ideas developed during the SNI Winter Hackathon in February 2022. What we hope to achieve is to enable visitors of De Ceuvel to experience the potential of web3 technologies to empower individuals and communities to relate, better value, and care for non-humans in urban ecologies,” said Catherine Bischoff, CEO at SNI.

Following the Germinator Program presentations, EZ1 will invite attendees into sustainability workshops, tours, and activities throughout the day, including eclectic art and theory talks such as “Algorithms & Artistic Immersion, and Crypto-Ecology: Web3 Technologies for Conservation? EZ1 aims to bring together the foremost minds in the art, ecology, and technology worlds to reflect on the relationship between technology and nature and build the technologies needed to galvanize humanity to address the Anthropocene.

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