Descartes and WeatherOptics Work Together to Improve Transportation Visibility and Risk Management

NEW YORK, May 12, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- WeatherOptics, a leading weather intelligence platform and Descartes Systems Group (Nasdaq: DSGX) (TSX:DSG), the global leader in uniting logistics-intensive businesses in commerce announced that the combination of their solutions has the ability to provide freight brokers and third-party logistics providers (3PLs) with greater visibility and management of transportation risk.

The combined solution of Descartes MacroPoint™ Capacity Network and WeatherOptics Impact Scores gives freight brokers and 3PLs access to granular weather impact insights, designed specifically for transportation management operations. By integrating WeatherOptics’ wide variety of weather-related risk scores into the Descartes solution, including road conditions and overall business disruption, organizations can identify which loads and lanes are at risk of disruption up to seven days in advance.

“WeatherOptics risk scores are unique because they produce a realistic weather impact signal for freight. Rather than wrestling with raw weather data, our software has already done the work for you,” said WeatherOptics CEO and co-founder Scott Pecoriello. “We’re excited to work with Descartes because our joint solution will now let freight brokers and 3PLs know when they need to pay closer attention to a certain load or lane based on predictive weather.”

WeatherOptics reduces weather impact data down to a simple risk score or delay time that allows businesses to easily understand how upcoming weather will affect their key operations. The company works with some of the largest shippers and supply chain software companies in North America to help predict and mitigate issues like trucking delays, warehouse disruptions, and changes in consumer demand.

The Descartes MacroPoint Capacity Network allows freight brokers and 3PLs to access over 320,000 carriers and their assets on more than 1 million truckload transportation lanes in North America. By using machine learning to match potential carriers in near real-time to open loads, the solution helps freight brokers and 3PLs to better rank carrier matches. They can send load offers to carriers either manually or automatically via configurable business rules that can incorporate considerations such as market indicators, pricing and company preference notifications. Through this use of intelligent automation, freight brokers and 3PLs have achieved on average 15 times more loads matched than processed manually. 

“With the right capacity data and a better understanding of the impact of weather, freight brokers and 3PLs can take on loads with more confidence,” said Dan Cicerchi, General Manager Transportation Management at Descartes. “The combined solution offers an enhanced level of supply chain visibility that helps to mitigate the risk of potential delays on the efficient movement of customers’ goods.”
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WeatherOptics is a leader in the weather intelligence space, providing companies with insights and forecasts that eliminate guesswork and improve visibility of key business operations. Our proprietary software combines predictive weather modeling with industry-specific data and translates weather impact down to a simple risk score or delay time. Founded in 2019 and with data available globally, WeatherOptics helps some of the world's largest businesses navigate safely and efficiently in spite of the weather. Learn more at

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