Disclosure of transactions in own shares from May 09th to May 13th, 2022

Nanterre, FRANCE

               Paris, May 16th, 2022


Disclosure of transactions in own shares

From May 09th to May 13th, 2022

Within the framework of the authorization granted by the General Meeting of VINCI SA of April 12, 2022 to trade in its shares and in accordance with the regulations relating to share buybacks, VINCI SA (LEI:213800WFQ334R8UXUG83) declares the purchases of treasury shares below (FR0000125486), carried out from May 09th to May 13th, 2022 :

I - Aggregate presentation by day and by market

Issuer’s nameDate of transactionIdentifying code of financial instrumentAggregated daily volume (in number of shares)Daily weighted average price of the purchased shares in EuroMarket
(MIC code)
VINCI09/05/2022FR00001254869 63090,1735AQEU
VINCI09/05/2022FR00001254868 66790,1402CEUX
VINCI09/05/2022FR00001254863 97290,1961TQEX
VINCI09/05/2022FR000012548658 73190,1134XPAR
VINCI10/05/2022FR000012548615 14190,0229AQEU
VINCI10/05/2022FR000012548613 43889,9495CEUX
VINCI10/05/2022FR00001254864 18289,9306TQEX
VINCI10/05/2022FR000012548650 73989,9629XPAR
VINCI11/05/2022FR000012548610 57390,8311AQEU
VINCI11/05/2022FR00001254869 39390,7849CEUX
VINCI11/05/2022FR00001254863 23390,6822TQEX
VINCI11/05/2022FR000012548647 30190,8008XPAR
VINCI12/05/2022FR000012548611 14090,4491AQEU
VINCI12/05/2022FR00001254868 29190,5839CEUX
VINCI12/05/2022FR00001254864 04690,5898TQEX
VINCI12/05/2022FR000012548658 02390,3119XPAR
VINCI13/05/2022FR00001254863 70291,7483AQEU
VINCI13/05/2022FR00001254865 27792,0172CEUX
VINCI13/05/2022FR00001254862 79991,8824TQEX
VINCI13/05/2022FR000012548640 47291,9267XPAR
  TOTAL368 75090,5281 

   II - Details of transactions

In accordance with Article 5 (1) (b) of Regulation (EU) No 596/2014 (Regulation on market abuse), detailed information is available on the VINCI website : https://www.vinci.com/vinci.nsf/en/finance-stock-market-shareholders-transactions/pages/index.htm




Declaration hebdo- rachat d'actions EXANE- du 09May-13May 2022 vGB