Proofpoint Showcases Unique People-Centric Cybersecurity Innovation Across All Product Lines at Protect 2022 Conference

Cybersecurity leader delivers strong momentum and enhanced capabilities across its Threat Protection, Information Protection and Cloud Security, and Compliance Platforms

SUNNYVALE, Calif., May 17, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Proofpoint, Inc., a leading cybersecurity and compliance company, announced today at its annual Protect 2022 conference a host of people-centric innovations across its entire product line, meeting customer demand for solutions that address the security and compliance needs of today’s increasingly cloud-reliant, distributed workforce. These enhancements empower companies worldwide to stay ahead of a continually evolving threat landscape and better protect their most important asset—their people—from attacks and compliance risks related to email, cloud, data and collaboration tools.

“We are focused on developing security innovations that protect people—wherever they may work—and defend their data from today’s most harmful risks. To stay ahead of the threat actors, we invest hundreds of millions annually into our products and rely on the most advanced AI/ML technologies to defend our customers,” said Ashan Willy, Proofpoint’s Chief Executive Officer. “Our unmatched AI-powered data intelligence and ongoing commitment to innovation are why 75% of the Fortune 100 trust Proofpoint as their cybersecurity partner.”

Every day, Proofpoint analyzes an incredible data set of more than 2.6 billion email messages, 49 billion URLs, 1.9 billion attachments, 28.2 million cloud accounts and over 500 million events associated with potential data loss. This gives us and our customers unmatched visibility into the threat landscape.

“Driven by the accelerated adoption of work-from-anywhere practices, our Information Protection and Cloud Security Platform is now deployed to over 25 million users worldwide,” continued Willy. “Over the past 12 months, we have become the most utilized insider threat solution in the market, and our DLP solution is trusted by some of the world’s biggest brands. This speaks to our ability to solve the most complex information protection challenges faced by organizations today.”

Proofpoint reinvests twenty percent of its annual revenue into R&D, one of the highest percentages in the industry. The following people-centric enhancements benefit from that research and address critical areas for organizations, including cloud application security, information protection across cloud, web, endpoint and email, insider threat, deep threat intelligence, compliance, email authentication, and employee security awareness.

Proofpoint Threat Protection Platform leverages over 26 different layers of detection to uncover sophisticated email fraud attacks, including BEC, account compromise, and ransomware. With Proofpoint’s leadership in innovation, we migrated over 2.7 million enterprise seats to Proofpoint over the last year, and now protect over 200,000 small businesses with Proofpoint Essentials.

  • Advanced Business Email Compromise Behavioral Analysis Defense Protection, Powered by New Supernova Behavioral Engine: Launched a year ago, Proofpoint’s Supernova detection platform has delivered a 2x improvement in BEC detection with higher fidelity and lower false positives, stopping over 1.5 million BEC attack attempts per month. Starting in Q3, a new engine in Supernova will provide advanced behavioral analysis that identifies anomalous communication patterns for an organization’s employees, improving detection efficacy for BEC, supplier risk, third-party account compromise, phishing, and ransomware threats. The new engine will be provided as a free detection stack upgrade to enterprises using Proofpoint email security.
  • Secure Email Relay: Available now, Proofpoint Secure Email Relay provides centralized security control and visibility into application email, including 3rd party senders, as well as protects against data leaks and secures sensitive data by applying payload encryption and DLP to application email.
  • Managed Email Security: Offers customers best-in-class services to complement their email security investment and drive a more sophisticated program that reduces operational overhead while improving risk posture and visibility.
  • Cloud Threat Response Auto-Pull: Available since February 2022, the SaaS version of TRAP provides mail-centric Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (mSOAR), simplifying deployment and management of the automated removal of malicious and unwanted messages and compromised account remediation. Within 3 months of availability, over 600 enterprises have adopted Cloud Threat Response Auto-Pull.

Proofpoint Security Awareness Platform has over 35 million users and attracted over 2,500 new enterprise customers in the past year, with over 100 million annual simulated phishing tests sent.

  • Micro-learning and Adaptive Learning Framework: Available now, our new framework provides flexibility to maximize allocated training time and improves user engagement with a more personalized learning experience that allows users to build on prior knowledge over time. The framework is built across 10 common security domains with progressive levels - delivering concise content that is not longer than 3 minutes and available in 41 languages.
  • Email Warning Tags (EWT): This feature provides “in-the-moment” contextual nudges to alert users about uncertain email through embedded HMTL notifications on all devices; empowers users to report suspicious messages directly from the email warning tags, even from mobile devices.
  • Cultural Assessment: Available in Q3 2022, this assessment enables CISOs and security leaders to benchmark their organization’s security culture by evaluating their employees’ attitudes to cybersecurity in the workplace. Insights from the cultural assessment can be used to optimize their organization’s program and drive behavior change.

Proofpoint Information and Cloud Security Platform brings together unique context across content, behavior and threats for people-centric insights into and prevention of data loss and insider threats. Our solutions are trusted by customers as diverse as a top five automotive manufacturer, a global pharmaceutical company with 100,000 seats and a Fortune 500 fintech services firm with 62,000 seats; several of which were migrations from legacy DLP vendors.

  • Intelligent Classification & Protection: Available now, our AI-powered classification offers increased visibility to sensitive data in cloud and on-premises repositories to accelerate DLP deployment. Includes custom-tailored dictionaries, automated policy recommendations and file labeling via the integration with Microsoft Information Protection.
  • Data Privacy and Masking: Address data privacy and compliance needs by masking PII data in forensics information and controlling access to functionality and data in the console with role-based or other attribute-based policies, enabling safe and seamless collaboration between teams and business units.
  • Cloud Risk Explorer (Beta): Available this quarter, our Cloud Risk Explorer simplifies cloud governance and compliance efforts with more dynamic prioritization and comprehensive discovery of cloud and web apps. This includes dynamic intelligence around sensitive data, user privileges and user behavior patterns in each cloud app on top of known vulnerabilities. In addition, Proofpoint CASB customers can discover shadow IT apps more easily than before by surfacing visibility into URLs accessed via their existing Proofpoint Targeted Attack Protection and Browser Isolation products without the need for traditional firewall and web gateway log analysis.
  • Data Security Reports: Available this quarter, these provide an executive overview of data security and risk, including the effectiveness of DLP policies, coverage across channels and historical trends. They also offer insights into data loss risk posed by users engaged in undesirable behaviors when handling sensitive data across various channels.

Proofpoint Intelligent Compliance Platform provides ML and AI innovation to quickly solve the most sophisticated regulatory compliance and corporate legal challenges, with over 45 petabytes of data under management—a 39% year-over-year growth.

  • Flag Deduplication: Available this quarter, flag deduplication allows customers to significantly reduce the amount of content for review by avoiding original content that has already been flagged, such as replies and forwards. Using Proofpoint’s ML engine, this has driven an 84% reduction in false positives during data supervisory, reporting, and review.
  • Video Analysis: Available now, this feature leverages modern compliance architecture and machine learning to help customers analyze video imagery and transcribe audio to identify compliance violations.
  • Proofpoint Capture for Text: Available in Q3 2022, Proofpoint will add Capture and Patrol for text messaging. Content exchanged in the texts are directly integrated to Proofpoint’s machine learning engine to be scanned and evaluated against hundreds of regulatory and corporate compliance policies.

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