SimpliFed to Offer Free Virtual Appointments and Classes for Families in Response to the Baby Formula Public Health Emergency

Virtual Baby Feeding Support Platform to Help Families Access Clinical Services as Shortage Continues

Austin, Texas, UNITED STATES

ITHACA, NEW YORK, May 18, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SimpliFed, the telehealth platform dedicated to democratizing access to baby feeding services, announced that it is now offering a free personalized baby feeding appointment as well as free virtual baby feeding classes to help pregnant and postpartum parents navigate feeding their babies during the infant formula shortage crisis. SimpliFed recognizes that non-judgmental, inclusive baby feeding services are more urgently needed than ever, and is extending all available resources during the public health emergency to meet families where they are, no matter how they feed their children.

SimpliFed is now offering:

  • One baby feeding appointment at no cost to the parent, with a supportive expert, such as International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLCs), Certified Lactation Counselors, Nurse Practitioners and Registered Nurses, to expecting and new parents.
    • Parents are also given the option to enter their insurance information so the SimpliFed team can determine if benefits are already covered under their health plan, as required by law under the Affordable Care Act. The appointment is free to all at no cost to them, even if they do not have benefits through a health plan.

          To sign up, parents can click here.

  • Free virtual classes for pregnant and postpartum parents, with supportive, non-judgemental experts including IBCLCs:
    • Class #1: Currently pregnant families will learn how to prepare for baby feeding as they get ready for baby’s arrival during this formula shortage. The class will focus on developing informed baby feeding goals for their child’s first year of life. Classes will be held on Wednesday evenings at 8pm EST, starting tonight. 
    • Class #2: Postpartum families will learn how to navigate the formula crisis and find ways to both access formula and support with breastfeeding, and plan ahead for their baby’s feeding needs. 

          To sign up, expectant and new parents can click here.

SimpliFed exists to ensure every parent feels good about how they feed their family, and change the system surrounding baby feeding to be more accessible, efficient, and comprehensive. Andrea Ippolito, a mom of two, founded SimpliFed after experiencing first-hand how difficult infant feeding was, and realizing how much judgment and misinformation exists around baby nutrition. From this experience, she and her team were driven to redesign the care pathway to improve access to high quality care, reduce costs, and improve maternal and baby health outcomes. The SimpliFed team includes a network of lactation consultants, registered nurses, nurse practitioners, doulas, social workers, and working parents who have a range of breastfeeding-specific training and credentials. This team democratizes access to baby feeding services that are covered under the Affordable Care Act, seeks to shift practice and narratives by providing expanded resources for judgment-free support while embedding baby feeding into both community-based and in-person clinical care delivery, and reaches parents when and where they need help, on their own terms. 

“This crisis is unfolding daily and is unfortunately slated to continue, due to systemic challenges related to industry dynamics, supply chain, and overwhelming misinformation. Families need answers, now and in the weeks and months to come, which is why these free appointments and classes are imperative at this crucial time,” said Andrea Ippolitio, CEO and founder of SimpliFed. “We at SimpliFed understand how new parents feed their babies: most families will feed their infant with some combination of formula and breastfeeding, and some will rely on just one or the other. The key is having the knowledge and tools to do what is right for their family. So our focus is on how we can help every family feel good about feeding their baby and design a plan that works for them during this public health emergency, working closely with families, health care providers, and our partners across sectors - we need to be all hands on deck.”

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SimpliFed is the telehealth platform democratizing access to baby feeding and breastfeeding services. By providing high-quality virtual care covered by insurance, the Ithaca, New York-based company envisions a world where every parent feels good about feeding their family – because baby feeding and breastfeeding is central to maternal and infant health. Founded in 2019 by Andrea Ippolito, a biomedical engineer and mom of two, SimpliFed provides evidence-based and inclusive virtual baby feeding services to everyone, no matter how they choose to feed their baby. SimpliFed’s mission is to create a new model for optimal baby feeding by building trusted relationships with parents, partnering with healthcare payers and providers, and shifting policy, practice, and narratives to drive health and economic equity, starting with baby’s first foods.
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SimpliFed to Offer Free Virtual Appointments and Classes for Families in Response to the Baby Formula Public Health Emergency SimpliFed to Offer Free Virtual Appointments and Classes for Families in Response to the Baby Formula Public Health Emergency

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