PJET Targets Optimal SHBO APP Release Timing As Billions Are Invested In Market

Dallas, Texas, May 19, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Priority Aviation, Inc. (OTC Pink: PJET) (“PJET”) today released details in regard to the upcoming launch of the company’s Student Housing By Owner Application (SHBO APP).

PJET is a technology company developing applications designed to enhance university student life. The central application (SHBO APP) connects the local university community with students by facilitating the advertisement by property owners of real estate available for student rental.  The company plans to expand the APP’s reach into additional aspects of student life and build a lifelong relationship with students even after their college experience.

Student housing rents are reported to be experiencing record growth and multiple institutional investors have recently invested billions into the student housing market.

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“For all intents and purposes, the SHBO APP is ready to launch,” said CEO Steven Rash. “Frankly, we’ve been looking for a window to launch the APP into better market receptivity for new technologies.  We have to admit to ourselves now that such a window may not open up in the next few weeks and we need to launch regardless so that we can capture the fall return to school housing market.”

PJET is conducting a weekly APP development review this week and a definitive launch date is on the agenda.  Look for an imminent announcement regarding the launch coming soon.

Company Website – www.pjet-info.com

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