InBloom Autism Services expands its comprehensive center-based ABA therapy services by opening an additional Learning Center for young children living in southern Duval and St. Johns County.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

JACKSONVILLE, Fla., May 24, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- InBloom Autism Services announced today that they have added another state-of-the-art Learning Center for young children to receive Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy as a form of prescribed treatment for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in Jacksonville, Florida.

ABA therapy is a scientifically-validated form of treatment frequently prescribed to children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and is the primary form of care provided at InBloom. Since December of 2018, InBloom has been providing in-home and center-based ABA therapy services to families in Jacksonville at their Southpoint location and credits a growing demand for quality center-based services throughout the region for the need to invest in a second Learning Center. InBloom’s Clinical Operations Director, Jessica McGowan, will oversee the clinical team at the new St. Johns Learning Center in coordination with Operations Manager, Morgan Thorton, who will oversee the facility.

“There are a ton of families in need of services in Jacksonville, and our Southpoint location is almost to its capacity, so the St. Johns Learning Center is going to open up our reach so that we can serve families that are in St. Johns County or in southern Duval County,” said McGowan. “One of the things I love so much about InBloom and why I am so proud to work for this company is that we place a very strong emphasis on collaboration. We ensure that our Behavior Analysts are always there and readily available to assist our RBTs and overview the integrity of all of the interventions that are being implemented.”

The new St. Johns Learning Center has over 12,600 square feet of space and a variety of different learning environments ranging from smaller therapy rooms for a more direct 1-to-1 experience, large indoor playrooms for naturalistic environment training/play-based learning, and a learning readiness room for children who are getting ready to transition into a traditional classroom environment.

“A lot of times when families have a kiddo that is newly diagnosed, they’re confused and not sure what to do and so we try and make our Learning Center feel as welcoming as possible so that they know we’re all here to help,” said Thorton. “We have about 28 treatment rooms within the facility, which is beneficial for kiddos that really thrive in a more personal setting. We also have an open gym area, an art room, and a sensory room, so lots of space for activities and learning. One of the most important factors of ABA is consistency and so we also provide families with ongoing parent/caregiver training to make sure that what the kiddo is learning in the center is also being implemented in the home.” 

The St. Johns Learning Center is located at 12735 Gran Bay Pkwy, Suite 204. InBloom Autism Services is an in-network provider with most major insurance providers. Caregivers interested in inquiring about therapy services at the new location can call 888-754-0398 to connect with the InBloom Autism Services Care Team or visit to inquire more today.




Founded in 2015 in Fort Lauderdale, FL, InBloom Autism Services provides Applied Behavior Analysis therapy to children living with Autism Spectrum Disorder throughout Florida, Massachusetts, Wisconsin, Texas, Colorado, Arizona, New Hampshire, and Connecticut. InBloom’s mission is to consistently achieve the best possible outcomes for their clients by focusing on clinical quality and innovation, hiring the best behavioral professionals, and investing in clinical support and professional development. To learn more visit:


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