Launches Interplay 7 – the Low-Code Platform for High-Velocity, AI-Fueled Enterprise Innovation

The platform now combines built-in frontend and backend capabilities, new AI workflows for data scientists, and other unique low-code features projected to accelerate application development 17x compared to traditional coding

San Jose, California, UNITED STATES

SAN JOSE, Calif., May 24, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --, whose innovation ecosystem enables enterprises to build complete and production-ready low-code applications, today announced the launch and availability of Interplay 7, code-named “Spirit.”

Purpose-built to accelerate enterprise innovation and the velocity of go-to-market strategies, Interplay 7 debuts extensive and powerful new features to further streamline application development and eliminate common roadblocks developers encounter on the path to production. The low-code platform also now offers a fully end-to-end application development solution.

Interplay’s comprehensive backend capabilities continue to offer hundreds of pre-built modules and the ability to tap into several community-built modules that enable enterprises to leverage the key forces driving innovation, including AI/ML, the IoT, and data integrations. Interplay 7 now adds front-end development capabilities, with a broad range of templates to expedite the completion of just about any user-facing feature or application use case. With Interplay 7, enterprises now have a one-stop-shop for quickly building innovative solutions, front to back and start to finish. This all-in-one low-code platform means that while competitors are still evaluating tooling and building their technology road maps, enterprises using Interplay 7 are already building and shipping their applications.

Iterate customers – which include ULTA Beauty, Pampered Chef, Circle K, Jockey, and many others across industries – rely on Interplay’s intuitive drag-and-drop low-code environment to rapidly build and deploy applications at scale. Whereas the previous versions of Interplay were demonstrated to accelerate application development 17x compared to the speed of traditional programming, Iterate believes that Interplay 7 will empower enterprises to bring applications into production even faster with its new end-end capabilities.

Interplay 7’s comprehensive solution enables this newfound speed by introducing six new core features:

  • Advanced AI workflow

Interplay 7’s AI workflow supports larger datasets and features multiple nodes for a far more granular and customizable experience. While the previous version of Interplay offered a single node AI solution with one block for users to upload data (adequate for business analysts), many data scientists and data engineers require more granular capabilities, as well as seamless connectivity with the major cloud providers’ data tooling.

The platform’s advanced AI workflow equips users with eight node blocks, allowing data scientists to rapidly enhance data analysis by changing, cleaning, or splitting uploaded data. Those available eight node blocks represent 5,000 lines of code that users no longer have to write themselves, but are simply and immediately available to flexibly expedite data activities. Data scientists can send trained data created in Interplay 7 for processing in Amazon SageMaker or Google Vertex AI, or can process data in Interplay itself.

  • Visual Page Builder

Building web and mobile applications with Interplay 7 is now as fast and easy as dragging and dropping components onto the Visual Page Builder canvas. Users can implement UX features by selecting from a breadth of pre-built templates, covering everything from graphs to maps to ecommerce interfaces.

From an engineering perspective, Interplay 7 abstracts frontend and backend code to handle the complexities of web communication automatically, eliminating time-consuming effort while enabling seamless usability and rapid development.

  • Figma Code Generator

On a standard application design project, designers build feature components using Figma, which frontend engineers must then convert into code. That effort-intensive work is a persistent chokepoint that slows down traditional application development. Interplay 7’s Figma Code Generator automatically converts design files into responsive and production-ready React code, accelerating development.

  • Jupyter Integration

Data scientists can import code written on the popular Jupyter platform to Interplay 7 with just one click.

  • OCR/RPA Trainer

Interplay 7 enables faster document and content extraction by introducing built-in object character recognition/robotic process automation (OCR/RPA) capabilities. For example, a trained workflow could view uploaded identification forms and automatically extract ID numbers. Users can quickly upload, process, and annotate documents and build intelligent workflow processes, directly within Interplay.

  • Configurable Applications

Interplay 7 enables users to easily configure even large-scale enterprise applications to serve new purposes. For example, a consultancy or agency could quickly reconfigure an application built for one client to create a new app with the same functionality for another client, without writing any new code.

“We’ve built Interplay 7 to further two key goals for our customers: provide a feature-rich all-encompassing front-to-back application development environment, and make innovation as blazing fast as possible,” said Brian Sathianathan, CTO of “As a seamless one-stop solution, we believe our low-code platform now makes development 17x faster than traditional coding. Interplay 7 will absolutely supercharge application development for enterprises working to outpace competitors and get new products and innovations to market.”


Iterate is the simplest, safest, and quickest way to get innovation done. The innovation platform facilitates the steps along your innovation workflow: from dreaming big with trend analysis and emerging tech evaluation to building fast with microservices software for rapid application development. Iterate's platform has two patents granted and nearly a dozen more pending. The company’s solutions appeal to executives and corporate innovators who seek low-risk, systematic ways to scale in-house, near-term digital innovation initiatives and long-term strategic planning. Iterate has a global presence in North America (Silicon Valley, Colorado), Europe, and Asia (India).

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