Tree Roots in Pipes Are a Growing Concern in Melbourne

Plumbing pipes provide a haven for tree root systems seeking nutrients and water. Once they have made their way into the pipes, they can quickly cause blockages and damage.

MELBOURNE, Australia, May 25, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- According to the leading plumber Point Cook wide, NLK Plumbing, while trees are a great asset to have on a property, the roots enjoy finding their way into sewer and stormwater drains, which can lead to blocked and damaged pipes. 

Sewer pipes provide a favourable environment for tree roots as they carry water that is full of nutrients and oxygen, which is essential for trees to grow and flourish. NLK Plumbing explains that if a pipe has cracks or weak points, particularly around joins, the water will seep out into the soil. The wet soil acts as a guide for a root system and fine hair-like roots can easily penetrate the cracks in the pipe looking for moisture. Once inside, these tiny roots can quickly grow into a mass, blocking and damaging the pipes and causing messy spills.

NLK Plumbing says homeowners should be on the lookout for blocked drains Point Cook wide at all times of the year. When a drain is blocked, water will move down the sink slowly and may be accompanied by a gurgling sound. If the problem is left unchecked, a total blockage will likely occur. In this instance, the tree roots will need to be removed and the pipes will likely need to be replaced. 

To help prevent tree roots from entering the pipes, NLK Plumbing says homeowners should be aware of where sewer pipes are located on the property. Planting trees at least three metres away will help to avoid root intrusion and choose slower growing trees with non-aggressive root systems. 

In many instances, trees will already be a part of a property and could cause issues down the track. NLK Plumbing advises the best solution is the make sure pipes are always clear through regular cleaning. If roots have penetrated the pipes, it's necessary to call in a professional plumber with experience in root cutting technologies. NLK Plumbing use drain cameras to identify where the roots are, followed by a root cutter to completely remove the tree roots. 

For any plumbing issues including hot water repairs Point Cook wide, call 0404803333 NLK Plumbing.

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