NextAlt LLC Announces Soft Launch Showcasing High Caliber Fund Managers

HOUSTON, May 25, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- NextAlt, LLC (NextAlt) is pleased to announce its soft launch showcasing three high caliber fund managers (Managers). NextAlt’s platform is designed to fill the gap to provide accredited investors direct access to hard to find Managers, and allow RIAs, top-tier family offices, institutions, and HNW/UHNW individuals, to pursue vetted investment strategies through a proven, securities compliant, financial technology.

“By using NextAlt, Allocators can reduce email clutter, free up time for Manager selection, speed up screening, due diligence and transaction execution, and benefit from improved efficiency with no added cost,” said James Row, CEO of Entoro, LLC, an investor in NextAlt.

NextAlt’s Features and Benefits

“Our solution gives Managers a toolkit to present and highlight to qualified investors what is distinctive and impactful about their strategy while providing Allocators with integrated Manager information to drive engagement beyond an initial presentation, shorten the evaluation and decision-making process, and streamline transaction execution,” said Allen Wolf, NextAlt CEO.

NextAlt’s Platform Visibility

Across Capital Partners. “As a technology investor scaling companies across global markets, we are actively seeking innovative solutions to support our own growth. NextAlt’s platform provides Across Capital with a unique channel to reach new investors at scale. We are excited to work with the NextAlt team!” said Rafael Costa, Co-Founder of Across Capital Partners.

East Chop Capital. “Our first fund is delivering strong returns for investors including two triple-digit ROI exits to date,” said Calvin L. Butts Jr., Principal of East Chop Capital. “In our second fund, investors see a smart, counter cyclical strategy well suited for the current market dynamic. Savvy investors use NextAlt to discover new managers who can grow their wealth. We're incredibly pleased to be an early adopter of NextAlt's innovative marketplace.”

NextAlt, LLC is a digital fund marketing business combining tradition capital introductions with a technology platform to enhance fund manager reach and messaging and to speed up allocator introductions, due diligence, and workflows for exempt private transactions. NextAlt partners with Entoro Securities, LLC as its broker-dealer for fully vetted and compliant fund securities offerings and further leverages Entoro’s OfferBoard securities offering platform for fund transaction execution and compliance.

Entoro Securities, LLC, is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission as a Broker-Dealer and is a member of FINRA and SIPC.

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