Automation Hero Launches The Most Accurate AI to Process Documents

Proven AI leader takes a quantum leap in AI performance, outperforms other competitors

SAN FRANCISCO and BERLIN and LONDON, May 26, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Before Alan Turing designed the first computer, humans only dreamed of intelligent machines. For years, countless science fiction movies have depicted advanced software processing large amounts of documents to find hidden insights that save the day. Today, this is no longer science fiction.

Automation Hero launches version 6 of its Hero Platform_ that takes a quantum leap in document processing accuracy and outperforms its competitors. Hero Platform_ has proven it can unlock millions in return on investment (ROI) for companies like Markerstudy, turning data previously locked inside of documents into actionable insights in claims processing, supply chain optimization, fraud detection and customer interaction automation.

The latest version of the platform provides a new Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine for document processing and automation. The novel, deep learning-based approach can turn structured or unstructured documents, such as contracts, invoices, receipts, prescriptions, doctor notes, and purchase orders, into highly accurate and actionable data.

“Intelligent document processing (IDP) solutions offer a relatively simpler means to digitize paper-based information assets and convert semi-structured data in documents to a structured format,” said Saurabh Sharma, a lead analyst at GigaOm. “Automation Hero’s context-aware approach and AI-driven handwriting recognition are aimed at improving data processing accuracy and increasing the degree of straight-through processing (STP). In an ongoing benchmark test, Automation Hero’s product performed better than ABBYY FlexiCapture in terms of handwriting recognition accuracy.”

Modeled based on cognitive science, Automation Hero’s optical character recognition (OCR) engine turns scans of documents into data in a way that is similar to how humans read even the most difficult handwriting with contextual cues. The patent-pending technology is combined with an easy-to-use natural language understanding engine, all within a powerful end-to-end platform. The goal is to deliver the highest ROI in the industry within weeks without any data science or large training data required.

Based on new benchmarking data, Hero Platform_ outperformed handwriting OCR alternatives ABBYY and Google Vision by approximately 180% and 40% respectively. It also outperformed ABBYY and Rossum in AI-based invoice processing in a separate benchmark by 60% and 100% respectively.

“Automation Hero’s unique approach to OCR has decreased our tedious claims administration work by hundreds of hours, transforming the way we handle customer claims and manage employee satisfaction,” said Eoin Grace, deputy head of IT at Markerstudy. “Before, we were manually deciphering vet diagnoses, stamped addresses, and handwritten notations, across a wide variety of claims forms. Automation Hero's intelligent OCR technology delivers above-human accuracy, which gives us speed and peace of mind.”

Companies today are disappointed with the ROI and technical challenges of first generation RPA tools. To address this, Automation Hero offers a highly scalable, end-to-end intelligent automation platform that fulfills IT enterprise needs but is as simple to use as Microsoft Excel.

“Our job at Automation Hero is to improve healthcare efficiency, get insurance claims paid out faster, and find bad actors that over-invoice or surface contracts that can be renegotiated,” said Automation Hero founder and CEO Stefan Groschupf. “Our mission is to provide overwhelmed employees with the AI superpowers to work faster through the mountain of documents that keeps stacking up on their desk or in their inbox.”

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Automation Hero helps organizations process any type of document faster than ever with the most powerful and complete intelligent document processing platform. It offers the easiest-to-use and most accurate AI in the industry so companies can instead focus on accelerating business processes to stay competitive. The company was built by a world-class team of sales and AI experts, many of whom were on the founding team of Datameer, the leader in big data analytics. Visit for more information and follow the company’s blog and LinkedIn. Click here for a product demo and here for a product overview.

Monique Sherman
Head of Marketing, Automation Hero