BLUETTI Launches the Veterans & Military Benefits Program

LAS VEGAS, May 26, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Memorial Day is a day of remembrance, also a self-reflection time for a more peaceful future. BLUETTI launches the Veteran & Military Benefits Program for the upcoming Memorial Day--- 10% off the EP500/EP500Pro, AC200MAX bundle, AC200P, EB70S, and EB55 for military personnel, whether they are discharged or in service.

EP500/EP500Pro-Home Backup Makes Perfect Sense.   
(EP500-$4,399, was $4,599; EP500Pro-$4,999, was $5,999)  
Designed for electrical appliances rated below 2000W /3000W, EP500/EP500Pro both have 5,100Wh capacity to keep household essentials running for days. Once connected to the grid, they will automatically detect power failures and instantly provide backup power for the entire house once there's an outage.

AC200MAX+B230: All Comes From the Sun.
($3,099, was $3,299)
Solar generator, expansion battery, and solar panel in one bundle. BLUETTI AC200MAX can run high-drain appliances with a rated power lower than 2,200W, and handle up to 4,800W instant startup power. Its capacity can be expanded to 8,192Wh by hooking up two B300 batteries.

AC200MAX takes the utmost 900W solar input and 500W AC input. When charging with them connected together, it'll be fully charged within two hours. 

AC200P: Power Anything, Anywhere.
($1,499, was $1,599)
AC200P delivers a maximum of 2,000W continuous AC power (4,800W surge) and features a 2,000Wh or 40Ah LiFePO4 battery that remains 80% of original capacity after 3,500 cycles and lasts 6-8 times longer than NMC and NCA batteries.

AC200P can draw 900W power from solar panels and 500W from AC power sources. When connected to both, it will be charged up within 2 hours. With 17 outputs like 100-120V AC outlet, Type-C, USB-A, DC5521, car socket, 12V/25A RV port, and wireless charger on top, AC200P covers most daily electronics.

EB70S+EB55: Good Things Come in Small Packages.
(EB70S-$549, was $599)  
The EB70S packs with a 716Wh LiFePO4 battery and 800W AC pure sine wave inverter, while the EB55 with a 537Wh battery and 700W inverter.

After 2,500 cycles, EB70S and EB55 will retain approximately 80% of their rated capacity thanks to the LiFePO4 battery. They both feature 12 outlets to charge multiple devices simultaneously and support dual charging with 200W solar & 200W AC input. The folding handle on top is advantageous for on-the-go or outdoor getaways.

When and How to Join the Program
The BLUETTI Veteran & Military Benefits Program starts on May 26, 7 PM PDT and ends on May 31,7PM PDT. To protect the information security of applicants and validate their eligibility for BLUETTI Veteran & Military Benefits Program, BLUETTI cooperates with the company to provide secure and simple verification access. The information entered will be only used to confirm the applicant's military or veteran status.

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