DunAn Microstaq offers Digital Pressure Temperature Sensor for Pneumatic, Hydraulic and HVAC-R applications through Digi-Key

Austin, Texas, UNITED STATES

AUSTIN, Texas, May 27, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- DunAn Microstaq, Inc. (DMQ), a MEMS technology company, offers a Digital Pressure Temperature Sensor for Pneumatic, Hydraulic and HVAC-R applications.

The Digital Pressure Temperature Sensor (DPTS) is self-contained device that measures pressure and temperature. The integrated design does not use any O-ring for seals for best-in-class reliability. The wiring harness for DPTS includes an external temperature sensor, RS485 communication wires, power input wires, two general purpose wires for an option to add second temperature sensor, and PWM output wires for compressor, lighting, fan and switching applications. The compact design of DPTS helps it to easily incorporate into OEM applications.

The end user can communicate with DPTS using via MODBUS RTU protocol. It can be installed on a ¼” SAE 45o flare male fitting for pressure measurements and the temperature sensors can be installed at any location of interest in the system. The end user may utilize pressure and/or temperature readings as input to trigger a preprogrammed PWM output to electrical equipment such as actuators, compressor contactors via solid state relays, or LED lights.

The DPTS is sold via Digi-Key Marketplace for easier availability to customers. Click this link to learn and purchase at Digi-Key https://www.digikey.com/en/products/detail/dmq/DPTS-G1.3B-BAAAXXX/16515740

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About DunAn Microstaq
DunAn Microstaq, Inc. (DMQ) is a MEMS technology company dedicated to advancing flow control solutions primarily for the HVAC, refrigeration and automotive industries. Their pioneering work in microelectromechanical systems technology, understanding of customers’ needs and experiences translate into benefits that go far beyond flow control. DMQ solutions accelerate product development cycles, cut across design challenges, create warehousing efficiencies and reduce deployment time. With a core technology so versatile, DMQ can package its devices along with the sensing and controls software for custom applications to fit a multitude of markets. For more information about DMQ products, email info@dmq-us.com or visit www.dmq-us.com

Media Contact:
Dhaman Besarla
Systems & Applications Engineering Manager

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