Quantropi at CANSEC to Urge Canadian Defense Sector to Prepare for Quantum Threat

Quantropi’s technology previously benchmarked by Deutsche Telekom with participation of Calian Group

Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA

OTTAWA, June 01, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Quantropi Inc., a Canadian quantum cybersecurity innovator, today announced that it has collaborated with Calian Group, a diverse products and services company providing innovative solutions for the communications, learning and security sectors, and Deutsche Telekom, one of the world's leading integrated telecommunications companies, to benchmark the performance of Quantropi’s quantum-secure cryptography technology. The company will appear alongside Calian at CANSEC, Canada's largest global defence & security trade show, June 1 – 2, 2022, to raise awareness of the looming quantum cryptographic threat known as Y2Q.

Y2Q, a play on the Y2K ‘millennium bug,’ refers to the point at which quantum computing capacity will become sufficient to break all known encryption. While there is no firm timeline, cybersecurity leaders worldwide agree that the clock is ticking, and large groups of hackers are thought to be preparing already, stockpiling data now to decrypt later. At risk is the $47 Trillion global economy.

“The buzz is growing in defense circles around Y2Q,” says Sacha Gera, President of IT and Cyber Solutions, Calian Group. “As a proudly Canadian tech company, we’re eager to see our government, agencies and defence providers start putting protections in place now, in anticipation of inevitable quantum attacks.”

According to Quantropi, there is little time to waste in getting ahead of the quantum decryption threat.

“Estimates show the first security layers falling in 2024 so Y2Q is in fact already on us. It’s no longer an option: every organization must take steps to protect against the immediate threat of Steal Now Crack Later, while starting the transition today to permanent postquantum security,” says James Nguyen, CEO of Quantropi. “The consensus is, any solution must be scalable and address both asymmetric and symmetric encryption to be viable; only Quantropi’s ‘TrUE’ QiSpace™ platform can provide an all-in-one response.”

The two companies partnered in 2022 to benchmark the performance of Quantropi’s Quantum Permutation Pad or QPP-enabled Quantum Key generation and distribution technology in collaboration with Deutsche Telekom. The conclusions are detailed in a paper titled Benchmark Performance of Digital QKD Platform using Quantum Permutation Pad, jointly authored by representatives of Deutsche Telekom, Quantropi and Calian, and submitted for publication by Quantum Week.

Marc Geitz, Innovation Architect at Deutsche Telekom, says: "We have deployed Quantropi's QPP-based 'digital QKD' protocol and see it as a strong alternative or complement to other key exchange methods. In tests at our T-Labs, we found that this technology outperforms the key exchange rate of all other solutions. We will continue testing in a real-world environment in due time."

CANSEC runs June 1 and 2, 2022, at Ottawa’s EY Centre.

About Quantropi, Inc.

A Canadian startup founded in 2018 with a vision to defend Truth and Trust, Quantropi is bound to be the standard for end-to-end quantum-secure communications and encryption. The company’s next-generation technology works over today’s Internet, enabling enterprises to begin immediately transitioning to permanent quantum security, with minimal investment in new hardware or infrastructure. The company’s flagship QiSpace™ hybrid SaaS platform is uniquely capable of all three criteria for complete cryptographic integrity: Trust, Uncertainty, and Entropy – or “TrUE” – providing organizations, product managers, and application developers with quantum-secure cryptographic functions to protect data, networks and systems.

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