Semcasting Integrates L2 Voter Data Into Audience Designer

With +85% Match Rates in ADS, Political Campaigns Can Now Seamlessly Enhance First-Party Data with L2 Insights

North Andover, Massachusetts, UNITED STATES

NORTH ANDOVER, Mass., June 01, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Semcasting, the pioneer in cookieless targeting and identity resolution, announced today that L2, Inc., the leader in voter and consumer data, is now available in Audience Designer by Semcasting (ADS). This allows customers to enhance their first-party audiences with L2’s insights in ADS, the self-service, end-to-end data ID resolution, audience design and attribution platform. Political campaigns can access accurate and comprehensive voter files from L2 directly within the ADS platform with this data integration.   

The Semcasting ADS platform onboards marketers’ first-party data with unprecedented speed and scale -- with an average +85% match rate, allowing same day or better time-to-market for advertisers on most major demand-side platforms (DSPs).

For more than 50 years, L2 has set an industry standard for accurate voter files. All its data undergoes its 53-point hygiene and enhancement process to ensure it provides a quality overview of the electorate.

L2 files include 650+ standard fields, collecting data from both minor and major elections, parties, districts, credit bureaus, telecom companies, government sources and more. Its voter files include nearly 95 million cell phones nationwide. The company also partners with HaysatqDNA to provide access to more than 110 issue- and candidate-based predictive models. This allows campaigns to target individual voters based on their support or opposition of national figures, issues including COVID policy, guns, police, the economy, environment, education and much more.

“With its impressive 85% match rates and leaders experienced in politics, Semcasting has built a program for digital political success based on timing, reach and expertise,” said Paul Westcott, Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing for L2. “It was a no-brainer for us to partner with Semcasting to add our voter files into ADS to give more users access to our data that provides a more accurate view of voters, assuring better performance for voter outreach campaigns.”

The Semcasting ADS platform allows users to onboard their voter lists or registered voter lists, leverage third-party data segments and activate the audience directly into the DSP of their choice in one seamless workflow. Working with L2 and others, it maintains voter files and ensures the voter data is updated monthly based on registrations, donations, activism, and issues preferences.

“At Semcasting, we understand that speed, scale and accuracy are critical cornerstones of a successful campaign,” said Matthew Hedberg, VP, General Manager of Politics for Semcasting. “L2 is a gold standard in quality voter data and we are proud to have their insights available in ADS. This partnership empowers our customers to build even more highly targeted audiences that can be activated across several platforms.”

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About Semcasting

Semcasting offers end-to-end, privacy-safe data solutions including identity resolution, audience design and attribution. The company pioneered cookieless targeting and identity resolution with its patented constellation multi-touch identity resolution approach and Smart Zones technology. This method is not dependent on a proprietary common identifier or a single match type, but instead dynamically spans multiple online and offline identifiers in real-time.

A team of subject matter experts, Semcasting provides its brand and agency clients with industry-specific data expertise and solutions. Its self-serve platform Audience Designer by Semcasting (ADS) empowers marketers to maximize reach with control and transparency.

Semcasting is headquartered in North Andover, Massachusetts. Learn more at

About L2

For over 50 years, L2 has set the industry standard for having the highest quality and most comprehensive voter file available. The company’s national voter file is the most accurate and frequently updated in the marketplace, and contains the largest number of file segments for traditional and digital targeting. L2 is web-based, no downloads or software required. L2’s 53-point hygiene and enhancement process remain unparalleled. L2 is headquartered in Bothell, Washington.

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