Morris Merle Celebrates 30 Years as Minuteman Press Franchise Owner in Davenport, Iowa

DAVENPORT, Iowa, June 01, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Minuteman Press in Davenport, Iowa first opened in January 1992. Owner and military Veteran Morris H. Merle, Jr., who served in the US Army, Army Reserves, and Ohio/Iowa Army National Guard, shares the following insights and advice as he reflects on over 30 years in business. 

Morris says, “Being in business for 30 years means we are doing many correct things in Davenport, Iowa. I think there are three key things we do here Minuteman Press in Davenport: 1. We produce a quality product; 2. We provide outstanding customer service; and 3. We love what we do!”

Building a Community Business

Minuteman Press in Davenport is proud to be a family owned business in the Quad Cities area for 30 years. Morris explains, “Our community is known as the Quad Cities USA; in this bi-state area there are about a quarter of million people divided by the Mississippi River. With the Google searches, we get many contacts from both sides of the river. There is a lot of growth going on throughout the Quad Cities so growth is happening both in the community and in the local business area.”

He continues, “The Minuteman Press Marketing Program was one of the biggest keys to our success, especially over the first 10 years. At the Regional Meetings and World Expo, I have always been strongly in favor of the move towards the internet and technology, even though I didn’t always understand it. The new software and marketing programs seem to bear that out. We’re finally using these technology resources more and getting more business. Over the years, we have also been members of community organizations and leveraged those connections to grow.”

“We are proud to have recently won the Locals Love Us 2022 Award for Best Printing, Sign & Promotions for the Quad Cities area!” -Morris Merle, owner, Minuteman Press, Davenport, Iowa

Growth and Evolution of Printing

The printing industry has certainly evolved since Minuteman Press in Davenport first opened their doors in 1992. Morris shares, “Full-color digital printing has been our biggest growth area. Our first venture into color was using the Kodak machines and following the Minuteman Press outline for ‘Free Color Days’ and ‘Combo Color Days’ later on. We had been printing 1 and then the 2 free colors and were so very nervous of the new expense. It was a wonderful machine and really grew our business.”

He continues, “Today, I can’t imagine our shop without our wonderful Canon digital presses.  We have also embraced promotional items as we leverage all of the vendors Minuteman Press has built relationships with on our behalf as franchisees.”

“How many times have you heard that society was going paperless? Well, the use of paper is up and it’s not blank, so it obviously has something printed on it. You keep the coupon, the story, the form for as long as you need it. We do a great deal of digital printing and still do some offset printing. Print is here to stay because there are so many ways to promote your business through printing.” -Morris Merle

Journey to Minuteman Press

Morris Merle is a proud Veteran who served in the US Army, the US Army Reserves, and the Ohio and Iowa Army National Guard.

He reflects, “I graduated from high school and wasn’t successful in college. I enlisted in the Army at 18 for three years and spent two years in France. I met my wife there (she was also American) and we came back to Ohio, where we got married and started our family.”

Morris continues, “I worked many jobs and money was short so I joined the US Army Reserves and kept working many different jobs. I got a job with the Ohio Army National Guard and then Junior Achievement, which took our family to Dubuque, Iowa where I joined the Iowa Army National Guard.

He adds, “I was working days at JA office and nights with the JA kids, which was just too many hours away from my family. I went to John Deere Dubuque Works and worked for nine years, and was then laid off for 5 1/2 years before being recalled to the Quad Cities in 1987. About this time, I switched to the US Army Reserves and was told I would be asked to retire in 1990.”

“I knew John Deere was going to lay me off again before I retired and I didn’t have a second job (which had made the first layoff much easier). As a result, I attended an Entrepreneurial  Show in Davenport in 1990 and someone asked me if I had heard of Minuteman Press. I answered ‘no’, he said, ‘Would you like to?’ I said ‘yes’... and that’s how it all began 30+ years ago!” -Morris Merle

Support and Reflections

Looking back on 30 years in business, Morris sums up his experience as a Minuteman Press franchise owner. He shares, “We would not have been successful without the support of Minuteman Press International. They are as close as the phone, or as close as a regional rep if you can’t get it done by phone. Minuteman Press will have somebody in your shop the next day to advise, work, train, or do whatever you need! We participate in as many vendor programs as we can for our little shop. MPIHQ is there to help grow you and your business!”

He continues, “The best part of owning our own business is all the wonderful friends and customers we’ve made over the years. Getting to help our customers do the projects they want to do, with good advice, a great looking product with reasonable price and timely delivery.”

Morris concludes with advice for other aspiring entrepreneurs, saying, “If you have the desire to own a business, then make the commitment, work hard, and be ready. When things come up, keep smiling and work through it!”

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