PC Concreting Canberra Offers Decorative Concrete Driveways Installation and Resurfacing Services

Canberra, June 01, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- PC Concreting Canberra is happy to announce that they are offering decorative concrete driveway installation and resurfacing services. This includes stamped and stencilled concrete surface finishes. Nowadays, home improvement is not just about having a modern and stylish home interior and an aesthetically landscaped garden. Many homeowners are realising that the home exterior is just as important and one of the things that a visitor will notice immediately is the driveway. A decorative concrete driveway will contribute to great first impressions about the home in addition to several benefits.

Concrete is a suitable and preferred material for a driveway because it is economical, durable, environmentally friendly, and needs less maintenance. In addition, concrete driveways are smooth, can be coloured concrete, polished concrete, and stamped concrete in order to look aesthetically pleasing. Concrete driveways are the best option for homeowners and property owners who want a beautiful and distinctive looking driveway that complements the look of the house or property and showcases the owner’s style.

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With regards to cost, there are a number of factors that will affect the cost of having a concrete driveway of which the size of the driveway is a major factor. However, it is still possible to save on costs by simply resurfacing an old driveway. The ultimate cost will depend on the homeowner’s budget and the style that is desired. Meanwhile, if the property is heavily wooded, the cost of excavation may rise by at least 25 percent. And if the driveway is located on a hill, this may need sections and rebar to ensure that it is stable, which means additional costs.

One option for decorative concrete driveways that is offered by the company offering driveway concreting in Canberra is the stencilled concrete surface finish. This involves the use of stencils for making unique patterns on any concrete surface. Typically, only one colour may be used but other colours may also be used to create a design or pattern in concrete. The process starts with choosing a particular design. The skilled concreting professionals from PC Concreting Canberra will then prepare the concrete surface, whether the concrete is old or new. Concrete surface preparation is vital for the whole stencilling process because it allows the concrete to be applied to strongly adhere to the base concrete.

Another option available for having a decorative concrete driveway is using a stamped concrete surface. And when stamps are combined with colouring agents, it is possible to create realistic but cost-effective replicas of typical paving materials, such as brick, cobblestone, flagstone, and natural slate. Stamped concrete offers several advantages, such as: durability; affordability; and versatility. Popular patterns for stamped concrete include the : London Cobble, which is a traditional lightly textured cobblestone pattern; Rough Stone Texture, which is a natural stone texture defined by a continuous coarse surface; Stamped Compass Medallion, which features a medallion as a centerpiece of the driveway; European Fan, which features a European fan pattern that is made up of slightly curved rectangular slate stones; and Sanded Slate Texture, which is similar to a slate texture but with the addition of a lightly sanded appearance. Driveway borders may also be added to help define and enhance the design and aesthetics of the driveway surface.

Established in 2019, PC Concreting Canberra is a family-owned company offering concreting services in Canberra, ACT, Australia, and the surrounding areas. They are a certified and licenced concreting contractor with years of experience and they completely understand the importance of a good concrete surface and the way it can enhance the aesthetic value and the curb value of a property. Whether residential or commercial concrete pavements are required, their skilled professionals have the knowledge and experience in installing attractive concrete surfaces, including concrete pavements and driveways, concrete patios, and more. The services they offer include concrete driveways, exposed aggregate, concrete paving, concrete cutting, decorative concrete, concrete slabs, and more.

Canberra homeowners are keen on installing functional and beautiful concrete driveways and usually go to PC Concreting Canberra. They want to point out that their customers often refer them to anyone who requires concrete driveway installation.


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