Wecan launches a blockchain along with its token and successfully completes its first private pre-sale


GENEVA, June 02, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Wecan Group SA, the Swiss leader of the Blockchain used by the largest private Banks to guarantee the security and protection of their exchanged data, is proud to announce the launch of the Wecan token. This token will enable transactions to be recorded on its proprietary blockchain, Wecan Chain, which already powers Wecan Connect, Wecan Group’s application already compared to the WhatsApp of wealthy clients.

“As a pioneer of blockchain technology, our mission is to make it accessible to widest possible audience through simple applications. With Wecan Comply, we have brought together 13 major banks and 80 independent asset managers on one of the first blockchain marketplaces for institutional actors. This is only the beginning and the development of our layer 2 blockchain aims to accelerate the use cases for secure and decentralized exchanges in closed circles,” says Vincent Pignon, founder and CEO of Wecan Group SA.

Wecan Chain is a blockchain optimized for data security and storage for companies and governments. It has been built in collaboration with the EPFL in the framework of Innosuisse, a project whose objective is to assess and compare blockchains on 3 main aspects: their security, their scalability and their energy consumption.

Wecan Chain aims to be one of the most efficient blockchains in the world on these 3 aspects. The results of this assessment will be made public on a dedicated platform co-constructed with EPFL in a few months. The token will enable users to pay for the fees related to the registration of each transaction on the blockchain, akin to the Ethereum Gas Fee.

"Thanks to our clients and shareholders, we have announced the launch of the new WhatsApp for wealthy clients, a 100% Swiss version, a single application to manage one's wealth and book a room in a palace or share one's health data with a private clinic, the information being encrypted and exchanged via the blockchain, Wecan Chain," continues Vincent Pignon.

After a successful private sale of the Token, and with the help of prestigious Advisors such as Alexis Roussel (Nym and Bity), or Christophe Lassuyt and Christophe Fonteneau (Request Network), Wecan Group announces the sale of its Token to the public. It will soon be possible to register on the waiting list, taking into consideration that the Token is issued in limited quantities.

"The token is the next logical step of our development. We now have a Web 3.0 suite with more than a hundred institutional clients around the world. We are in discussions with several governments to implement Wecan Chain in their infrastructure to secure the storage of data and documents and their registry in a distributed way on their territory," concludes Vincent Pignon.

About Wecan Group SA

Wecan Group SA is a Swiss company specialised in the development of blockchain applications since 2015. Thanks to its institutional partnerships, Wecan has more than 100 clients from banks, governments and asset managers. With a suite of Web 3.0. software, Wecan's mission is to guarantee the protection of personal and professional data thanks to the most advanced encryption solutions, and secure and decentralized data sharing on the blockchain.


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