2022 Insights on the Lithium Battery Global Market - Players Include Manz, Northvolt, Samsung SDI and Tesla Among Others

Dublin, June 03, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The "Lithium Battery Market Report: Trends, Market Analysis, OEM and Suppliers, Technology, Cost and Material Breakdown" report has been added to ResearchAndMarkets.com's offering.

The market of lithium batteries is one of the most thriving businesses in the current economy. Due to the government restriction and laws aiming to convert all engines from thermal combustion to electric powertrain in the next few years, many automotive companies and entrepreneurs are investing massive quantities of money in this business, accelerating the product development and world transition.

The aim of this report is to provide a pool of helpful information for who want to join in the battery business and even who want to know more about lithium battery technology.

This report is already used as based for business plans by multiple companies and investing fund from Asia and Europe.

The first section of the report is dedicated to market trends and analysis with a deep dive into American and European investment plan and companies schedule: the reader will understand the entity of total investments for each area and have a clear idea about the next giga factories in term of location, product type and production capacity.

A second chapter try to explain and give an overview about lithium battery raw material and components, market and technology: a list of supplier for each battery component is provided and a deep dive into raw material price.

A very detailed section is dedicated to comparison between 18650 - 21700 and 4680 cylindrical batteries. The third and latest chapter is a practical guideline for gigafactories and answer to the following question: which cost have a giga factory?

The reader can find a complete overview and breakdown cost for material, battery parts, manufacturing process and equipment.

At the end of the chapter a full list of long date and new suppliers split by automation equipment technology and geographical location.

This report answers the following key questions:

  • What is the EV battery market trend?
  • What is the market trend for anode and cathode?
  • Which companies are investing in battery business?
  • Which production capacity will have the next gigafactories in USA and Europe?
  • Which are main suppliers in term of lithium battery and Lithium battery components?
  • What is the difference between Cylindrical 18650 , 21700 and 4680 tabless battery?
  • What is a cylindrical battery material weight and cost breakdown?
  • What is the Lithium Manufacturing cost manufacturing cost breakdown?
  • How the dry room and equipment affect the production cost?
  • Which are the equipment suppliers for lithium battery equipment?

Key Topics Covered:

  • Introduction
  • Market trends and outlook with Focus in Europe
  • Current players (OEM and suppliers), market shares and newer
  • Top Automotive OEM
  • Battery Manufacturers and market trend: demand vs supply forecast
  • Battery Manufacturers expansion plans
  • Battery chemistry and raw material: typology and forecast
  • Battery market analysis resume
  • Budget: raw material, equipment building
  • Battery cost breakdown
  • Raw material cost
  • Waste management (example of LFP battery)
  • Utilities consumption
  • Building cost
  • Equipment player

Companies Mentioned

  • BMW
  • Durr-Megtec
  • IMA
  • LG ES
  • Manz
  • Northvolt
  • Samsung SDI
  • Tesla
  • WuXi Lead

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