Keylani Ortiz, Founder of Keys Tactical is Helping People Reach Their Financial Goals

Keys Tactical LLC offers creative new ways to fix your credit. The founder Keylani Ortiz and her exclusive company help people reach their financial goals by implementing creative new credit repair methods

Avondale, AZ, June 03, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Keylani Ortiz is an experienced entrepreneur who has dedicated herself to helping her clients reach their financial goals. Her company, Keys Tactical LLC has successfully become one of Arizona’s top credit repair companies in a very short period.

With 8 years of experience in successfully helping buyers become qualified for property purchases as an Arizona Real Estate Agent. She quickly realized how difficult it is for clients with poor credit to be approved and saw an opportunity to step in and help. This is when she developed a professional and personal understanding of what buyers really need by knowing the ins and outs of the credit restoration process. After years of helping her clients get qualified for their houses, she decided to open a separate business that would allow anyone nationwide to repair their credit. The name was inspired by their process of creating a precise and tactical plan in which the client's score will increase. Keys Tactical was founded on this mission and has successfully become one of Arizona's Top credit Repair companies in a very short period. 

With knowledge, training, and expertise, Keys Tactical has mastered the art of restoring credit records for its clients. Each customer has a unique and personal situation and must have a tailored approach to their credit repair solution. Keys Tactical will provide each client with business and personal credit counseling services to prevent bad credit situations in the future in addition to repairing their current credit. 

At Keys Tactical, they understand that financial language is not easy for all people, and understanding the intricacies of the credit restoration process can be tricky. They maintain direct contact with the credit bureaus to save you the trouble. The result-driven strategy and fast action are what has made the company stand out among veteran credit restoration companies. 

“We meet you where you are at and help take you where you want to go without judgment. No matter what kind of financial trouble you are in, we will be able to develop the best possible solution for you. 

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