Middlesex Water Begins Treating Ground Water for PFAS Compounds

Construction Completion of Full Treatment Facility Remains on Target for mid-2023

Iselin, New Jersey, UNITED STATES

ISELIN, N.J., June 06, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Middlesex Water Company today announced that it has completed Phase 1 construction of an advanced treatment facility at its Park Avenue wellfield that is effectively treating ground water to ensure compliance with all state and federal drinking water standards. Working in coordination with the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP), Middlesex Water has begun a phased, start-up of its Park Avenue wellfield and is successfully introducing treated water into the distribution system. Water being delivered to customers is in compliance with all U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) and NJDEP drinking water standards, including the newly established water quality standard for Perfluorooctanoic Acid, otherwise known as PFOA. The wells had been turned off since November 2021 when the Company had begun providing water from its surface water treatment plant and other sources. This plan to turn on, and treat, certain wells to support normal heightened seasonal demand was met with full approval from state regulatory agencies.

“As the summer months approach, our team has been focused on meeting consumption demands and constantly evaluating operational alternatives to continue to ensure a safe and reliable source of drinking water. Establishing an advance treatment solution while the larger portion of the new plant is being constructed allows us to utilize an existing source of supply and produce water from our wellfield that complies with state and federal guidelines while also supporting seasonal demands,” said Dennis Doll, Chairman, President and CEO. “We are grateful to our engineering and contractor partners for their roles in helping to identify and implement this effective solution,” added Doll.

As groundwater is slowly introduced back into the distribution system, customers may notice changes in the hardness of the water. As initial changes in the flow and direction of water stabilize, customers may also observe temporary, harmless discoloration. Customers who may experience temporary discoloration may choose to let their faucet run for 2-3 minutes until the discoloration subsides prior to consuming or using the water for cooking. The Company continues to monitor the water treatment process and perform water quality tests to ensure the continued safety of its water for consumption, bathing and other domestic needs.

About Middlesex Water Company

Established in 1897, Middlesex Water Company (NASDAQ:MSEX) serves as a trusted provider offering life-sustaining high quality water service for residential, commercial, industrial and fire protection purposes. The Company offers a full range of water, wastewater utility and related services. An investor-owned public utility, Middlesex Water is a professional services provider specializing in municipal and industrial contract operations and water and wastewater system technical operations and maintenance. The company and its subsidiaries form the Middlesex Water family of companies, which collectively serve a population of nearly half a million people in New Jersey and Delaware.  The Company invests in its people, infrastructure and the communities it serves to support reliable and resilient utility services, economic growth and quality of life.  


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