‘Direct Marketing Club of New York’ is Renamed ‘Marketing Club of New York’

Professional organization says name change and new logo recognize how direct marketing, data, accountability and measurability have transformed the marketing discipline

NEW YORK, June 07, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- There’s a new name to an established professional organization, based here in New York City: ”Marketing Club of New York.” Previously known for four decades as the “Direct Marketing Club of New York,” its members chose to rename itself based on several marketplace realities and perspectives, according to 2022-2023 Marketing Club of NY President Alicia Wiedemann, partner and head of client strategy at Summer Friday, an independent strategy, creative and content agency.

“All the attributes that have traditionally made direct marketing powerful – data, accountability, measurability – really apply, or should apply, to all marketing today,” Wiedemann said. “Brands demand it and during the past several years – particularly in this digital age – we see performance metrics governing the work of all marketing practitioners. This is not to discount the attention to testing and science that have long been table stakes for direct marketing. Rather, to bring these concepts full-forward to all of marketing and all forms of branded storytelling.”

In conjunction with the name change, Marketing Club of NY also announced the winner of a student competition among area universities to devise a new logo for the organization. A submitted logo from a team at Pace University – Lubin Business School (Manhattan, New York City) – composed of Revati Aloni (areas of study: social media/mobile marketing), Ruhani Dalal (marketing analytics), Riti Seth (marketing analytics) and Saloni Waradkar (social media/mobile marketing) -- was chosen from among submissions. In upcoming months, a new web site and social media accounts will be rolled out reflecting the new brand.

“We are thrilled to have students involved in our rebranding,” Wiedemann said. “Education support is central to our organization’s mission. It goes hand in hand with the professional development we seek throughout our careers. It’s why we come together as a New York community of marketing practitioners.”

In a recent letter to club members announcing the name change, Wiedemann cited specific drivers for the name change:

“Direct marketing, though media agnostic in discipline, is often associated with direct mail, which remains an important component of accountable, measurable marketing. Yet direct marketing encompasses all channels: print, broadcast, digital, streaming, mobile, out-of-home, contact centers, and experiential — with data science, strategy and creativity working in unison to motivate consumer (and business) behaviors.

“Much of today’s marketing is accountable and measurable, long the tenets of direct marketing. Thus, marketing has evolved and been influenced by this heritage of data and science, testing and analysis.

“Our mission statement remains true to our organization’s historical, education-led purpose: ‘Marketing Club of New York is a nonprofit organization that provides education, networking and idea exchange for professionals interested in data-driven communications. We actively support current and future industry leaders through scholarships, awards, and recognition.’ Thus, these commitments will continue with our name change.

“New York itself is a global hub for marketing. Today, that encompasses data and direct marketing, digital marketing, adtech, martech, agencies, brands and publishers, and innovation finance. Each contribute to the professional development of today’s successful marketer.

“Today’s successful marketing professionals understand how data science and marketing are interdependent, and how both effect business results. This recognition is in part attributable to the success of the direct marketing discipline of prior decades, and the rise of chief marketing officers, who are held accountable to meet business objectives.”  

Marketing Club of New York Board members also voiced support for the name change as reported in its in-house online publication, MKTGinsight. Area marketers may explore membership in Marketing Club of New York here.

About Marketing Club of New York
Marketing Club of New York (http://www.dmcny.org) has served the direct marketing field since the club’s founding in 1926 – and today encompasses all facets of integrated, data-driven marketing across all media categories. Serving the Greater New York region through its luncheons, networking and online resources, Marketing Club of New York is a leading source of current education and information in the field of measurable marketing. Marketing Club of New York also provides financial support in the form of scholarships to several New York City colleges’ and universities’ marketing programs.

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