RAPS congratulates 108 spring RAC exam passers

Rockville, Maryland, UNITED STATES

Rockville, MD, USA, June 08, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society (RAPS) today announced that 108 professionals passed the Regulatory Affairs Certification (RAC) exams in the spring examination window, which occurred in March and April 2022. In doing so, these professionals have obtained their RAC-Drugs or RAC-Devices designation, the leading credentials for regulatory professionals in the healthcare product sector.

These 108 individuals join more than 5,000 global professionals who hold RAC certifications.

“On behalf of RAPS, I offer my sincere congratulations to the 108 professionals who passed these challenging exams,” said RAPS Interim Executive Director Bill McMoil. “Earning a RAC credential is a big milestone in any regulatory career. It signals to employers, clients and colleagues that you are knowledgeable, capable and committed to regulatory excellence.”

The RAC exams are rigorous. To pass, one must demonstrate not only knowledge of healthcare product regulations, but also the analytical and critical thinking skills to apply them in a variety of scenarios. There are two different RAC exams. The RAC-Drugs exam covers regulations pertaining to pharmaceutical and biologic products, and the RAC-Devices exam covers regulations governing medical devices and technology.

“Congratulations to the new RAC credential holders,” said RAPS Credentialing Director Jennifer Naughton. "While many certifications are nationally recognized, the RAC is a globally recognized credential. RAC holders are recognized and respected globally, and their presence within an organization and as independent consultants provides deep reassurance to key stakeholders and the public.”

RAC-credentialed professionals are among the current and rising leaders in the regulatory profession. To maintain the credential, RAC holders must recertify every three years by demonstrating continuous learning, professional development, regulatory leadership, and an ongoing commitment to the profession.

RAPS is now accepting applications for the RAC summer and autumn 2022 exam periods. For more information, visit RAPS.org/rac.

Following is the complete list of those who earned the RAC credentials during the spring 2022 exam window:


Christine Aney
Omar Becerra
Kristen Bisanz
Sherita Black
Jennifer Boskin
Lisa Burns
Jeffrey Cale
Amar Chanani
Rebecca Clark
Katarzyna Czarcinska
Miki Endo
Thomas Fearnley
Sandy W. Fowler
Yayoi Fujimaki
Stephanie, Gallone
Myrthala Turandot Galvan De Ouellette
Sourav Gupta
Leanne Hartge
Jiyoung Heo
Yvette Holly
Carolyn Hull
Kiran Jose
Seetharam Kandarpa
Ramakrishnan Kannan
René Kapp
Byju Karipal
Tobias Kob
Indah Kusumawardhani
Nicholas Langevin
Patrick Leslie
Payton Lin
Matteo Lostuzzo
Dawn Maghakian
Sravan Kumar Manchikanti
Mayte Martinez Santoyo
Aneta Modzelewska
Patrick Muamba
Diana Nader-Martone
Shannon O'Hearn
Brandi Panteleon
Raquel Peregrino De Brito
Mark Perkins
Nancy Ploipailin Annunziato
Stephanie Rallis
Siddhi Rasam
Tatsiana Ripich
Ashley Robison
Michelle Sandrian
Jainam Shah
Jigar Shah
Grace Shen
Vishal Shiralkar
Robert Slack
Eugenia Smith
Folasade Sobande
Sylvia Ukponmwan
Victor Uzochukwu
Katherine Vazquez
Xiaoying Wang
Suzanne Wertz
Crystal Womack
Boyang Zhang
Jun Zhang
Weina Zhao


Sharry Arora
William Bali
Janine Best
Qian Chen
Justin Coon
Kathrin Copley
Jessica Crosby
Ramesh Reddy Danduga
Mariana De Souza Cologna
Rakesh Dhiman
Pragnesh Donga
Ysania Eldred
Xin Fan
Breanne Gjurich
Hadley Iliff
Maria Eugenia Juarez-Ugarte
Jennifer Judge
Andrew Kim
Stephanie Kim
Maxwell Kollar
Vaishali Kothari
Nicholas Langevin
Renata Lavach-Savy
April Lehman
May Litt
Jane Liu
Shan Liu
Anh-Thy Ly
Rani Maloney
Sadaf Memon
Chunying Meng
Monaz Mysorewala
Huihua Pu
Kadali Renu
Celine Royet
Maddigunta Sadasivarao
Rupesh Saindane
Linda Salerno
Aaron Sigler
Keisha Stubbs
Sonya Trejo
Lalith Mohan Tummalapalli
Rong Wang
Phillip Williams
Allen Young

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Congratulations to the 108 professionals who passed RAC exams

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