IQST – iQSTEL Receives Formal Offer For EV Subsidiary From Pre-IPO Company

New York, NY, June 08, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- iQSTEL, Inc. (OTCQX: IQST) today announced that the company has received a formal offer to purchase iQSTEL’s entire electric vehicle (EV) subsidiary.  The offer values iQSTEL’s EVOSS Electric Vehicle operation substantially higher than iQSTEL’s internal valuation.  The buyer is a US company that has filed an S-1 for an initial public offering (IPO) on Nasdaq.  The iQSTEL CEO, Leandro Iglesias addresses the offer in detail in a letter to shareholders included in its entirety below:

Dear Shareholders:

I am pleased to share with you that we received an attractive offer for the sale of our Electric Motorcycle Business Division, EVOSS.  A US company that has filed an S-1 to list in an IPO on Nasdaq has made a formal offer at a valuation that substantially exceeds our internal valuation of EVOSS.  The proposed transaction will be subject to due diligence and the approval of Nasdaq.

iQSTEL Management and the Independent Board of Directors consider the proposed acquisition a validation of the value of our company’s electric vehicle business.  The offer to acquire iQSTEL’s electric vehicle business independent of iQSTEL’s telecommunications business also demonstrates that it may be in the best interest of iQSTEL shareholders for the company to pursue separate Nasdaq listings for its telecommunications and electric vehicle businesses.  However, iQSTEL Management and the Board of Directors believe it would be best to pursue such independent Nasdaq listings directly and separate from any merger and acquisition in order to minimize any potential dilution to the iQSTEL shareholders and optimize the market valuation of each separate business.  Accordingly, iQSTEL Management and the Board of Directors has decided to decline the subject offer.

Alternatively, the iQSTEL Independent Board of Directors has approved a strategy to begin exploring a spinoff and independent Nasdaq listing of the EVOSS Electric Vehicle business operation.  Management and the Board of Directors believe iQSTEL’s telecom operations (IQSTelecom) may be eclipsing the value of the company’s EVOSS Electric Vehicle business operation.  The potential separation of the two businesses would be intended to enhance the ultimate value of each business by allowing each business to be valued as a pureplay within its specific market.

iQSTEL is early on in the exploration of a possible EVOSS spinoff strategy.  The final spinoff strategy may include mergers and acquisitions as part of an overall strategy to grow and independently list the EVOSS business on Nasdaq.

In the meantime, iQSTEL continues in the execution of the existing EVOSS Electric Vehicle growth strategy.  Plans for a second batch of electric motorcycles are underway and the company continues to develop dealer and partner relationships in an expanding list of countries. 

I would like to end this shareholder update with a reminder that iQSTEL is positioned to endure the prevailing market conditions and continue in the execution of our plan to achieve $90 million in revenue this year with positive net income.  We have adequate cash to avoid any fundraising until next year. We are continuing to prepare for a Nasdaq up-listing and will look for an opportunity to do so when market conditions can support an organic increase in iQSTEL’s share price to the Nasdaq minimum listing standard.  In light of the proposal we received for the EVOSS operation, iQSTEL can present a strong argument that it has considerable underlying value yet unrecognized by the market place.  I remain confident in iQSTEL’s future and that the best is yet to come.

Leandro Iglesias
iQSTEL, Inc.

About iQSTEL Inc.:

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