First Holoportation Device Ever installed in France Announced, steps from Eiffel Tower 

Proto, the original hologram device, and Groupe Hervé have revealed a partnership in a 19th Century mansion in Paris, and executives have already been “beaming” in for intercontinental meetings

Paris, France, June 09, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Proto Inc., formerly Portl, and Groupe Hervé have announced their partnership that puts the original holoportation company in La Maison Le Dix, a 19th Century mansion at the foot of the Eiffel Tower that is being transformed into a new kind of luxury space in order to become “every insider’s Parisian address.”  The first hologram device to ever be installed in France, arrived at Le Maison Le Dix in January 2022 and executives have been beaming into the unit from Los Angeles for hologram testing since April. 

Proto is the inventor of the technology that makes holoportation real and has been acknowledged as the leader in the field by the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg and Les Echos. The Los Angeles-based company has been in use by Fortune 500 companies, Hollywood studios, professional sports leagues, the Grand Slam tennis tour, Sean “Diddy” Combs, Usain Bolt, Ellen DeGeneres, Howie Mandel and other celebrities across Europe, the UK, the U.S. and Asia.  Already in 2022, Proto has won 3 honors at CES, the top award for “Connecting People” at the SXSW Innovation Awards, and was named to Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies list.  Proto also made its fashion world debut at New York Fashion Week (which was celebrated by WWD and Le Monde) and with Iris Apfel introducing her line for H&M.  Most recently, Proto and Christie’s partnered to send Edgar Degas’ Petite Danseuse on tour ahead of its record-breaking sale at over $40M in May. The first use of any self-contained holoportation device in France was in July 2021 when amfAR utilized Proto at its annual Cannes gala. 

La Maison Le Dix, on 10 avenue de la Bourdonnais in Paris, plans to become every insider’s Parisian address.  An elegant 19th Century mansion, at the foot of the most visited monument in the world - the Eiffel Tower - the property is designed to be a new generation site, a smart building where a unique experience brimming with sensations will be encountered by its esteemed guests.

La Maison Le Dix, the first global project aiming to renovate a historical heritage completely, the Groupe Hervé, along with its subsidiary Hervé Thermique, demonstrates its expertise in installation, maintenance, and energy management for their BtoB clients.

Endowed with a friendly and intimate atmosphere, auspicious to the rediscovery of the five senses, La Maison Le Dix, will be inaugurated by the end of the year, and will offer different formats, in total privacy: tailor-made events (concert, product presentation, birthday, etc.), seminars / a company’s internal symposiums, training in collaborative management, one of the Groupe Hervé’s expertise, or simply for a personality and their loved ones in complete privacy.

La Maison Le Dix will so inscribe itself in a new era of innovation. It will operate a Building Operating System (BOS) as well as a digital model to control and reduce energetic consumption, it will use the Proto hologram, it has a space with a holistic approach to well-being with a unique experience centered around water, a table hosted by one of the most French known Chefs, and conference spaces endowed with the world’s best touch screens… all this while enjoying a breath-taking view of the Eiffel Tower.

The laid-back elegance of the building, a solid historical heritage, and the modern alliance of a building projected into the future, suitable to live unusual experiences through digital technologies.

True footprint of the past, representing the Franco-American friendship, sheltering many Americans passing through Paris for several decades, this new address of the 19th Century successfully mingles history with modernity. The souls of the past are still resonating there… and blend in perfectly in this new generation Mansion, where the alliance between the Californian start-up Proto, and the Groupe Hervé demonstrate confidence and share common values. On the different floors, the experience becomes more and more intense, with a luxury well-being space, a private gastronomy table, 9 rooms with refined decoration; a moment sublimated by the richness of the building’s surroundings, with an incredible view on the Eiffel Tower.

Wishing to create an emotional experience for their guests, the founders of La Maison Le Dix want to rekindle the five senses through an enlightening journey.

The goal is to feel at home, while being abroad, to guarantee the guests' comfort for their total well-being, then to close the doors of the building with a different vision of the world around us. La Maison Le Dix is more than just a location associating its history to newfound technology; it allows for a transformational experience.

At the head of this extraordinary project, Mrs. Karien Hervé, Vice-president of the Groupe Hervé, member of the management board in charge of digital transformation, underlines: 

By creating “La Maison Le Dix” and implanting the Proto technology in France, we wished to establish a real connection between individuals, give a human dimension to technology, reconcile the digital and human by transmitting emotions through this hologram. It is nothing like the multiple video conferences we have experienced in the last months. It is, today, about creating encounters, synergies between people when physical proximity is not possible at a given time.”

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“Our hybrid location, intended for secret insiders longing for exchanges, aims to sublimate humans thanks to technology, to tell stories, all within a property imprinted in rich history, where women and Franco-American relations had and will continue to have all of their importance.”

David Nussbaum, founder and CEO of Proto Inc., states: 

“When we met Karien Hervé and heard about the plans for this incredible hybrid space melding history, innovation and style, and above all else, devoted to fostering the highest quality of human connection – we knew we’d found a partner for the launch of Proto in France,”  said David Nussbaum, CEO and Inventor of Proto. “Now when I have a meeting in Paris, I can beam there in an instant.”

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Proto’s clients include IWC, which beamed its CEO Christoph Grainger from Schaffhausen to Shanghai and sent F1 superstar Lewis Hamilton on tour using Proto, DHL, AT&T, T-Mobile, amfAR, Kia, HBO, Netflix, VinFast, Chase Bank and Diageo.

*Building Operating System: exploitation system for smart buildings / software platforms to streamline data management at the scale of a building but also to ensure the operation of its applications and/or equipment. 

About “La Maison Le Dix“
New hybrid location opening next fall, “La Maison Le Dix” is an elegant private hotel at the foot of the Eiffel Tower. The building is designed as new generation smart location, where a unique experience rich in senses will be offered to its guests. Created by the “Groupe Hervé,” specializing in installation, maintenance, and energy management for their BtoB clients, it represents the Hervé Group’s very first global project in completely renovating and managing a site. Being an intelligent building, “La Maison Le Dix” will offer many services, a teleportative cabin in holographic format, a signature well-being space with Japanese accents, a gastronomical table designed by one of the best known charismatic French chefs, conference spaces, a breath-taking view on the Eiffel Tower, for private and professional events, in total privacy.

About Proto Inc.
Proto is the inventor and original creator of the hardware and software that make holoportation a reality. With units active worldwide beaming people, objects, and digital assets everywhere, Proto has become a communications solution in enterprise, education, telehealth, retail, marketing, sports, the arts and more. Proto recently won the top prize at SXSW for “Connecting People,” was a 3X honoree at CES 2022, and was named to Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies list. Proto is based in Los Angeles and has showrooms and distributors in New York, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Columbus, Ohio, Toronto, London, Taipei and Seoul.  More info at


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