Sylvester Stallone's PlanetSLY NFT Makes History on June 22nd

Largest NFT Drop to Accept Credit Card Payments

New York, NY, June 09, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- On Wednesday, June 22nd, Hollywood icon Sylvester Stallone will make history! Millions of Stallone fans with a credit card will be able to buy his NFT in just one minute with no crypto experience.  

Sylvester Stallone's fans and NFT collectors will be able to purchase his upcoming PlanetSLY NFT collection using Crossmint, a tool that enables anyone to mint an NFT in one minute using just their email address and a credit card. Stallone's massive number of worldwide followers can now bypass cryptocurrency and crypto wallets to quickly and easily purchase and buy a SLYGuy NFT with their credit card. This could make the Stallone NFT collection, the hottest NFT drop this year. This is the largest drop to accept credit cards for an NFT. 

The PlanetSLY NFT collection is composed of 9,997 generative digital art pieces celebrating his life and film career. In addition to the different images of Stallone, some of the NFTs will include exclusive and varying levels of the ability to interact with Stallone, offering unique access to one of Hollywood’s big global stars.

The limited-edition NFT venture includes both blockchain-based and in real life (IRL) collectibles. Curated by Stallone himself, PlanetSLY is a place for fans, collectors and NFT enthusiasts to become part of his NFT community. Stallone is hands-on in the PlanetSLY creative process. The project celebrates an underdog who turned the Rocky screenplay into film history and is the only U.S. actor to realize a number one box office film in six consecutive decades.

SLYGuy NFTs will be available for purchase starting Wednesday, June 22nd on Thousands of Stallone fans have already joined the SLY-List for early access to purchase a SLYGuy NFT.

"We strongly believe that NFTs are much more than pictures. NFTs have massive untapped potential and utility. Celebrities like Mr. Stallone are fundamental to introducing the technology to the 99.9% of people who have never had exposure to it.  Pioneers like Mr. Stallone with his PlanetSLY NFT collection, leverage their influence to on-board and educate the next wave of users," commented Rodri Fernandez Touza, Co-Founder of Crossmint. 

PlanetSLY NFT holders can enjoy: The Ultimate Sylvester Stallone Experience, which includes dinner with Stallone in Florida. Or the Film & Cocktails Club, an online watch party hosted by Stallone himself, attend the PlanetSLY Launch Party in New York City during NFT.NYC, and purchase exclusive PlanetSLY merchandise. 

In addition, Stallone is individually autographing and numbering 25 Golden Signature Edition SLYGuy NFTs that include a meet and greet with him at The Ultimate Sylvester Stallone Experience through an exclusive partnership with OpenSea.

For more information about SLYGuys and PlanetSLY, and to register for the SLY-List for early access to purchase a SLYGuy NFT, visit

About PlanetSLY

PlanetSLY is created by, owned by Stallone and entrepreneur Bill Zanker. It is an NFT studio presenting extraordinary experiences and unique digital collectibles – both blockchain-based and in real life (IRL).

About Crossmint

Crossmint has built a tool for NFT creators to accept credit card payments. It enables anyone to buy NFTs in 1 minute, even if they don't have a wallet or crypto. Since January, Crossmint has built a team of 35 people, minted 200+ drops and integrated with 15 launchpads and marketplaces, including Holaplex, Blockasset, Exclusible, and others. In addition to payments, Crossmint has a broader suite of NFT tools targeting enterprise clients and creators.


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