Triage Staffing CEO John Maaske Receives Patriot Award

OMAHA, NEB., June 09, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Triage Staffing CEO, John Maaske was recently recognized with the Patriot Award by the Department of Defense.  

Maaske was nominated by staff sergeant Brian Tyler, a member of the Army National Guard and a laboratory account manager at Triage.  

“I’m fairly new to Triage and would not be here if I didn’t have faith that the company would be able to accommodate my military obligations. Triage has come through fully on their promise and this attitude of taking care of each other comes from John at the top. Nominating John for the Patriot Award is my little way of saying thank you for the support I receive from everyone at Triage,” said Tyler.   

“Triage will always support those in the Armed Forces who are serving our country. Whether it’s making sure they can come back to Triage without missing a beat or supporting them with flexible leave policies before and after their service, we’re honored to have veterans on our team,” said Maaske. 

Although Triage has experienced incredible growth over the last few years, the company still operates like a small company, with an emphasis on work-life balance. Triage employees receive benefits such as flexible time off, paid maternity leave and an excellent training program to ensure career success.  

In addition, Triage has a strong focus on the employee experience. Employees at the current Omaha office enjoy a fun environment complete with a games area that actually gets used daily, a fully-stocked beer fridge, retro high school bleachers and annual, family-friendly corporate events. Triage plans to continue this focus on the employee experience in its new office space opening in 2023.  

The new office space is being fully renovated with Triage employees in mind. The new space more than triples Triage’s Omaha footprint and Triage employees are fully involved in designing the new space. Triage is taking employee feedback very seriously and wants to make this space full of amenities that will work like a magnet, drawing employees back into the office.  

“We want Triage to be a supportive place where people can grow their careers. Whether this means supporting a military member while they fulfill their obligations or maintaining an atmosphere where people want to come to work every day, we know that culture is an important part of that. I’m honored to receive the Patriot Award from the Department of Defense, but I’m just one part of the picture. It’s our Triage employees who make Triage a great place to work,” said Maaske. 


About Triage 
Triage ( is an award-winning, top-ranked medical staffing agency that places the best and brightest traveling Nursing, Laboratory, Radiology, Cardiopulmonary and Rehab Therapy professionals in facilities across the country. Our staff is committed to building lasting, long-term relationships and that starts with being Real, so candidates can be Ready. Triage recruiters work tirelessly to create the right placement with facilities, never sending candidates with qualifiers, only qualified candidates. The company is proud to have been recognized by Inc. Magazine six times as one of the fast-growing companies in America and a top-ranked Travel Company by BluePipes for the fifth consecutive year. Triage has also received top rankings from Highway Hypodermics, VeryWell Health, The Balance Careers and Gypsy Nurse. Triage was founded in 2006 and is headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska.     



Triage Staffing Statement of Support for the Guard and Reserve John Maaske and Triage Staffing Patriot Award

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