Transmission Incoming: Welcome to Human Park Season Zero

Virtually Human Studio (VHS), the creators of the digital race horsing game ZED RUN launch Human Park - Season Zero - a metaverse experience with a focus on unique digital identity

SYDNEY, Australia, June 13, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today Virtually Human Studio (VHS Labs), creator of the incredibly popular digital horse-racing game ZED RUN, announced its pioneering blockchain-native multiplayer experience Human Park. Spectre Studio, a development house creating visually engaging 3D worlds, leads the development of Human Park on Unreal Engine, the acclaimed CG developer at the forefront of gaming.

More than just a gaming experience

While many gaming companies have struggled to break into Web3 and blockchain-based gaming, VHS Labs has combined its deep knowledge of Web3 with a commitment to gaming principles cherished by the global gaming community; with Human Park they are signaling what's next. Human Park is a decentralized gaming platform built for the interoperable future. Customizable user avatars can be enhanced with fully interoperable NFT wearables and season-specific icons, centering game-play around the unique goals and identities of the player. Human Park synthesizes Web3 values - such as the importance of identity ownership - with traditional gaming by blending vivid in-world details with engaging community play. The game will be free to access, with optional enhanced gameplay modes accessible through user-owned NFT avatars and wearables.

“We’ve built Human Park to become more than just a gaming experience but a platform for digital ownership to flourish. This goes beyond one single game or one single purpose, this is the beginning of blended experiences and unforgettable stories told by our community. In the near future you'll be able to take your Nood - your central avatar in the platform - and experience all kinds of worlds, games, and entertainment experiences. We are here to disrupt the space and bring something new to our community,” said Chris Laurent, CEO of Human Park.

The Mood for Noods

The launch of Human Park today is accompanied by the drop of the first themed release, Season Zero, a retro-cyberpunk world drawing inspiration from the often ambiguous relationship between good and evil. In the age of over-priced allow lists that lack any utility, Human Park has already set itself apart by airdropping NFTs of individually designed Noods to the first cohort of users. OG Noods landed in owners’ wallets on April 20, at zero cost to recipients. The secondary market value of the Noods collection has already eclipsed $1 million, per OpenSea valuations. During a time when NFT sales have slumped globally. Original Nood holders will also see the reveal of their Obelisks, a sort of ‘loot crate’, featuring claimable NFTs with unique values and in-game applications. While holding an NFT unlocks a number of exclusive opportunities and experiences, many of which are yet to be announced, it is not a prerequisite to playing the game. Human Park is free and available for anyone to explore and play.

"The Noods in Human Park are the next evolutionary step of NFT PFP projects. We've decided to use human-like avatars that are extremely customizable to give our community control over how they express themselves in the growing expanse of the Metaverse. We are storytellers at heart so we're here to empower players to tell their own stories, in this way we believe we will be transforming the way people engage with and express themselves in this new internet we are all building,” said Rick Pearce, Creative Director of Spectre Studios.

For more information about how to begin playing in Human Park, please visit our Discord and follow us on Twitter. During NFT.NYC on June 22nd, Human Park will be hosting a special launch party for Season Zero.

About Human Park
Human Park is a decentralized, next-generation Web3 experience that empowers users and gamers to interpret the Metaverse, a computer-generated interactive virtual-reality space, in their own way. This platform will provide blended experiences, elevating the concept of entertainment to the next level. Human Park is the second gaming product to come out of VHS Labs and developed by Spectre Studios, and was built on Unreal Engine.

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