GameFi2.0 era - Dragoma App V1.0 launches updates

Houston, TX, June 14, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Recently, Dragoma released the official version of the updated APP V1.1, which contains three highlights: Dragoma Nft Mint, Burning With Matic, and Dragoma World Kitbash In Unreal Engine.

The founder of Dragoma is Ken Graese from Texas, USA, Ken Graese has led the team deeply into the traditional game industry. With the arrival of the metaverse and the rise of the GameFi track, Ken Graese believes that traditional game industry will be broken in the near future, and GameFi will became the new blood of the game industry.

Ken Graese prefers to consider Dragoma be a life application in the Web3.0 era. Dragoma will break down the online and offline barriers, and become a bridge between reality and the metaverse.

Dragoma is a game built-in GameFi+SocialFi. It is a Move To Earn application that requires players to develop, explore, build, and obtain DMA (Dragoma's only ecological equity token) as rewards. At the same time, Dragoma helps players to satisfy their personal social requirements through the application. In the application ecology, teaming up to complete tasks will get higher reward bonuses. More rewards are available while playing for fun.

It is reported that Dragoma will open the Genesis NFT Free Mint activity in the early stage of the project, in order to lower the threshold for user participation and make the early community building more smoothly. Officially, only 3,000 Dragon NFTs will be sold as the early liquidity of Dragoma. After early stage, Dragon NFTs and Dragoma universe will be minted by the players, and will also be owned by the players. This action means that Dragoma will become a real Web3.0 application, which create a transparent and open ecological economy for players.

Dragoma is built on the Polygon network ecosystem, which utilizes dual-chain architecture technology to allow users to access ultra-fast transactions. Dragoma certainly take advantage of the flexibility of Polygon. With the support of Polygon's underlying technology, Dragoma hopes to provide players with a fair, justice and open game environment with transparent data, transparent rules, and no manipulation or maliciously induced consumption. Save to the center. At the same time, Dragoma hopes to use NFT as a medium to carry the value fission of the digital asset economic model.


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