Quantropi to Tell “TrUE” Story at Quantum.Tech Boston Conference

CTO Michael Redding joins June 14th panel titled "QKD vs. PQC vs. TrUE”

Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA

OTTAWA, June 14, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Quantropi Inc., a Canadian quantum cybersecurity innovator exhibiting at the Quantum.Tech Conference in Boston, MA, Jun. 14 - 15, 2022, will speak to the inherent advantages of its ground-breaking technology as a superior “third alternative” for addressing the imminent quantum cryptographic threat. Quantropi’s CTO Michael Redding will participate in a head-to-head discussion with executives from five other companies, each representing one of the two principal quantum security approaches currently under active development. The panel, titled "QKD vs. PQC vs. TrUE: Who's the Betamax, who's the VHS, and who's the DVD?" will take place at Quantum.Tech Boston, Marriott Copley Place, on June 14th at 2:20 PM EST.

Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) and Post-Quantum Cryptography (PQC) are the two main alternatives to Quantropi’s “TrUE” quantum security solution, where TrUE refers to the company’s QiSpace™ platform’s unique capability to provide complete cryptographic integrity in terms of Trust, Uncertainty, and Entropy.

QKD and PQC differ in their technical implementation and ideal use cases. Each approach has its own set of limitations.

QKD is a method of secure transmission of cryptographic keys that uses quantum mechanics to allow communicating parties to securely exchange cryptographic keys. QKD’s limited operating range in standard optical fiber (commonly used in classical computer networks) means that it requires special-purpose hardware, which makes it enormously expensive and difficult to implement. More specifically, QKD is susceptible to denial-of-service attacks, and cannot authenticate the source of a transmission, making it vulnerable to so-called “man-in-the-middle attacks.

PQC refers to cryptographic algorithms containing math puzzles too complex for quantum computers to crack. Because PQC algorithms typically rely on keys much larger than those used in classical algorithms, more storage space is consumed and the time required to encrypt, decrypt, and verify messages is increased, which reduces performance and may prevent operation on resource-constrained cell phones or IoT devices. Furthermore, PQC algorithms cannot scale infinitely while maintaining their capacity to resist attacks. Most important, current PQC is limited to asymmetric encryption algorithms — i.e., the “Tr” element of “TrUE”.

“At this point, we see QKD as still something of a science experiment, albeit a promising one in the longer term; we believe the solution is our SEQUR™ SynQK product, which offers quantum-secure DIGITAL distribution of Quantum Keys – meaning it works on today’s Internet, even wireless networks,” said Michael Redding, Quantropi’s CTO. “As far as PQC, Quantropi’s MASQ™ product has exceptionally small key sizes; where you need to generate and authenticate a large number of digital signatures, such as in blockchains, MASQ™ will deliver quantum security, together with performance on par with or better than legacy cryptographic approaches,” added Redding.

“Every organization must take steps to protect against the immediate threat of Steal Now Crack Later, while starting the transition today to permanent post-quantum security; only our ‘TrUE’ QiSpace™ platform can provide a readily deployable, scalable, end-to-end solution,” said James Nguyen, CEO of Quantropi. “We believe TrUE will prove to be the DVD in this burgeoning new market.”

About Quantropi, Inc.

A Canadian startup founded in 2018 with a vision to defend Truth and Trust, Quantropi is bound to be the standard for end-to-end quantum-secure communications and encryption. The company’s next-generation technology works over today’s Internet, enabling enterprises to begin immediately transitioning to permanent quantum security, with minimal investment in new hardware or infrastructure. The company’s flagship QiSpace™ hybrid SaaS platform is uniquely capable of all three criteria for complete cryptographic integrity: Trust, Uncertainty, and Entropy – or “TrUE” – providing organizations, product managers, and application developers with quantum-secure cryptographic functions to protect data, networks and systems. Relevant applications include Network (VPN, 5G, Core), Blockchain (Web3), Enterprise Apps (Cloud, SaaS, Custom, Mobile), Space Communications (Satellite), and Embedded Systems.

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