WeDream Promises ‘Metaverse for the Masses’ With Smartphone-based Augmented Reality Experience

The technology will be featured June 22 during Soho Technique “NFT.NYC,” an auction house and gallery tour in New York City’s SoHo neighborhood

Englewood, Colorado, UNITED STATES

NEW YORK, June 14, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In the not-too-distant future, artists, gamers and consumers will all meet in an atmosphere that encourages connection, creativity and commerce unlike any online environment we have seen to date. The metaverse is already enabling that future today as large consumer brands and creators begin to embrace the new technology. But thus far, engagement in the metaverse is mostly contained to technology insiders and early adopters.

WeDream is working to change that by bringing literally anyone holding a smartphone into the metaverse. WeDream’s mission is to merge the physical and virtual worlds in order to enable more people to create and engage with each other in augmented reality. The WeDream mobile app powers the new social media experience, providing access to the metaverse through a convenient and familiar interface that nearly 84% of people worldwide are already using: the smartphone.

“The potential of augmented reality and the metaverse to transform how we create, play, connect and even work is unprecedented,” said Peter Calfee, President of WeDream. “But in order to encourage mass engagement in the metaverse, we have to create an experience where people feel comfortable. If its potential is to be realized, the metaverse must first be easy to access and explore. That is why we created the WeDream app. It is the entry point to the metaverse for the masses.”

From engaging in social hangouts, games, business collaboration, immersive performances and beyond, WeDream empowers those using the app (or “Dreamers”) with a set of innovative tools and infrastructure to utilize augmented reality however they see fit. Dreamers on the platform first begin by customizing their avatar, then they can create a new “Dream” or enter an existing one within the platform. This is similar to “worlds” or “servers” commonly known in many online games today. Once they enter a Dream, they are linked to other Dreamers in the same virtual space, where they can connect and interact with people across town or around the globe in free, ticketed or subscription-based experiences. Artists and creators in WeDream can customize their surroundings to create unique spaces, and develop new objects and interactions that they can then sell to other Dreamers. Creations on the WeDream app are developed as NFTs, providing a chain of custody, giving creators a verified marketplace to be compensated for their creations.

The global metaverse market is expected to reach nearly $1 trillion dollars by 2030, according to a report from Prophecy Market Insights. In addition, industry prognosticators predict that by that same year, a large percentage of people will be in the metaverse in some way, either for work, play or a combination of both.

“The WeDream marketplace of digital goods and services puts the power of this new, limitless economy into the hands of the masses,” Calfee said. “WeDream provides the infrastructure. Creators can make and sell unique gadgets, environments and interactions in the form of NFTs. Dreamers can experience a new world and socialize with others in augmented reality.”

The WeDream app is currently unavailable for download to the general public. But creators and consumers interested in the test version of the app can complete the contact form at WeDream for more information. In addition, the WeDream experience can be previewed at Soho Technique NFT.NYC, an exclusive evening of augmented reality featuring an auction house and gallery tour powered by WeDream. The evening in augmented reality will feature NFT pieces curated in 12 themed galleries created specifically for this unique experience, all in a virtual environment enabled by WeDream. The VIP gallery crawl occurs Wednesday, June 22 in New York City’s SoHo neighborhood. To learn more about attending, visit Soho Technique.

Created by entrepreneurs who were craving the collaborative and social elements of a productive office space or a game night with friends, WeDream is steadily working toward broad release of its revolutionary app. The company recently announced the limited availability of a Founders Pass NFT, which enables holders of the NFT to receive financial benefit from the growth of the company via an LLC that has a 1% ownership stake in the company, as well as early platform access and unique item drops, and real-world Founders Pass merchandise. For more information on the Founders Pass and more about the upcoming mint, visit

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WeDream is a smartphone-based augmented reality social metaverse platform that is changing the way artists, creators, gamers and consumers engage with each other through social experiences. With the tap of a screen, users can join virtual rooms, or “dreams,” where they can experience live content and events, interact with friends, and express themselves through virtual avatars. The WeDream platform was designed to bridge the gap between the real world and the virtual world while providing a place for creators to build and monetize their creations through unique experiences or NFTs. To learn more about WeDream and the future of social connections please visit Continue the conversation on Twitter.

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