Finhaven Private Markets launches Canada’s first securitized NFT

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, June 15, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- FinhavenTM Private Markets is proud to announce Canada’s first securitized NFT.

Stardust Music Video NFT (Stardust NFT), an asset owned by bKREATIV Productions Ltd., has been securitized and fractionalized and is currently being offered to Canadian accredited investors through FinhavenTM Private Markets (operated by Finhaven Capital Inc., a subsidiary of Finhaven Technology Inc. or, simply, “Finhaven”) in increments of $1,000 for a total value of $2 million CAD (the “f-NFTs”). 

Stardust Music Video is an award-winning music video (Los Angeles Film Awards and New York Movie Awards) and the first in the line of eight videos which will form a soundtrack for Black Rose TV Series (Black Rose).

Until now, NFT trading carried regulatory, legal, ownership, and intellectual property risks. Securitization solves some of those problems and offers additional consumer protection. Additionally, until Stardust f-NFT, NFT ownership did not include any direct revenue streams and the transactions were not conducted on regulated financial markets.

“At Finhaven, we do not see things from a perspective of legacy vs. web3 world,” said Dohyung “DH” Kim, CEO and founder of Finhaven. “We believe that blockchain technology can improve and modernize traditional financial markets and we are building the platform for it.”

Stardust f-NFT includes 90% royalty stream from the Stardust Music Video, merchandise revenue share and an ownership share in Black Rose. It is offered through Finhaven Private Markets (operated by Finhaven Capital Inc., a registered exempt market dealer and authorized marketplace in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Quebec and Ontario).

Canadian accredited investors can open an account with Finhaven Private Markets at and purchase any number of fractions of the f-NFT (to a maximum of 2,000). Finhaven Private Markets also features: additional issuers and offers; provides a platform for issuer information distribution, storage, and issuer communications with shareholders; and has plans to introduce a secondary trading platform for digital securities in Q3 2022.

About Finhaven
Finhaven is a financial services and technology company with a capital markets platform built on Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) and digital securities that removes friction from the buying, selling and handling of public and private securities — simplifying financial markets to drive innovation using blockchain. Finhaven provides a seamlessly integrated investor/customer experience. But our vision goes beyond creating highly efficient private markets. Through our core technology, Finhaven will grow to become a leader in the transition of global capital markets and stock exchanges from a book-based system to a digital capital market system — with real time settlement and the elimination of clearing agencies, central depositories and custodians.

The end result? Global capital flows as efficiently as possible between countries and the world has a better allocation of capital between developed and developing economies — working better for all market participants.

Founded in 2017, Finhaven is led by an experienced management team with strong track records across traditional capital markets, high tech, and scaling companies to successful exits. Its subsidiary, Finhaven Capital Inc., operates Finhaven Private Markets, and is a registered exempt market dealer and authorized marketplace and clearing agency for security tokens, the first of its kind in Canada. For more information about Finhaven and its subsidiaries, please visit

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