Insights on the Anti-aging Therapeutics Global Market to 2040 - Players Include AgelessRx, Cambrian Biopharma and Mayo Clinic Among Others

Dublin, June 16, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The "Anti-aging Therapeutics Market - Distribution by Type of Molecule, Type of Aging and Key Geographies - Industry Trends and Global Forecasts, 2022-2040" report has been added to's offering.

This report features an extensive study of the current market landscape and future potential of anti-aging therapeutics over the next decade. The study features an in-depth analysis of the key drivers and trends related to this domain.

The advancements in health care and available technologies have inadvertently led to an increase in the life expectancy of individuals. However, this has also led to a rise in the aging population worldwide. According to the United Nations, the aforementioned trend is one of the key transformations observed in the 21st century; it is expected to have an impact on all sections of the society.

Aging is linked to a variety of diseases, including cardiovascular disorders, neurodegenerative disorders, oncological disorders and musculoskeletal disorders, which further puts heavy economic and psychological burden on the patients, their families and the society.

As per the World Health Organization, in 2020, close to 1 billion people were estimated to be aged 65 or above, globally. In addition, the share of elderly population is expected to increase from 9.3% in 2020 to 16% in 2050. Aging biology is still a largely unexplored field, in terms of the development of safe and effective novel pharmacotherapies. Anti-aging therapeutics, therefore, is an emerging field of medical science focused on reducing or reversing the underlying causes of aging through different mechanisms, in order to extend healthy lifespan of humans.

Given the rapidly growing aging population, the ongoing efforts to discover drugs that enhance the lifespan of an individual by targeting the pathogenesis of aging have become a popular topic for research. At present, various anti-aging products and devices, including direct-to-consumer nutraceuticals, plastic surgeries, cosmetics, skincare products and devices, are available in the market to slow the process of aging.

Further, several start-ups and academic / research institutes across the world are evaluating various types of anti-aging therapeutics, including stem cell therapies, metformin, rapamycin, resveratrol and senolytics (drugs that selectively clear senescent cells), in multiple preclinical / clinical studies.

Owing to the encouraging results demonstrating the ability of novel drugs in delaying the aging process, capital investments worth USD 4 billion have been made by various private and public sector investors in the last five years to fund product development initiatives. Moreover, over 660 patents related to anti-aging therapeutics have been recently filed / granted, demonstrating the continued innovation in this domain. Driven by the growing aging population, ongoing pace of innovation in this field and financial support from investors, the anti-aging therapeutics market is anticipated to witness substantial growth in the mid to long-term.

Amongst other elements, the report includes:

  • A detailed assessment of the current market landscape of anti-aging therapeutics, featuring information on phase of development (commercial, phase II, phase I / II, phase I, clinical (phase unknown), discovery / preclinical and undisclosed), type of aging (cellular aging, metabolic aging, immune aging, others and undisclosed), type of molecule (biologics and small molecules), mechanism of action (senolytic, cell regeneration, mammalian target of rapamycin (mTOR) inhibitor / modulator, adenosine monophosphate (AMP)-kinase / AMP activator, mitochondria inhibitor / modulator and others) and type of developer (industry and non-industry). In addition, the chapter features analyses of anti-aging therapeutic developers based on parameters, such as year of establishment, company size, location of headquarters and leading developers (in terms of number of pipeline candidates).
  • A competitiveness analysis of anti-aging therapeutic developers, based on various relevant parameters, namely supplier power (based on the experience of the developer) and company competitiveness (based on highest phase of development, type of aging and type of molecule).
  • An analysis of partnerships that have been inked by stakeholders engaged in this domain, during the period 2018-2022. Further, the partnership activity in this domain has been analyzed based on various parameters, such as year of partnership, type of partnership, most active players (in terms of number of partnerships), type of partner and regional distribution of collaborations.
  • A detailed analysis of investments that have been made into companies which are developing proprietary anti-aging therapeutics, during period 2018-2022. The various types of funding instances reported in this domain include pre-seed financing, seed financing, venture capital financing, capital raised from IPOs and subsequent public offerings, grants, crowdfunding, and donations.
  • An in-depth analysis of the various patents that have been filed / granted related to anti-aging therapeutics, during 2018-2022, taking into consideration parameters, such as publication year, type of patent, geographical region, CPC symbols, key focus areas, type of applicant, patent age and leading players (in terms of size of intellectual property portfolio). It also features a patent benchmarking analysis and a detailed valuation analysis.
  • A detailed review of more than 220 peer-reviewed, scientific articles related to research on anti-aging therapeutics, during the period 2018-2022, based on several relevant parameters, such as year of publication, type of publication, popular keywords and geography of affiliations. The chapter also provides information on the most popular publisher, most popular journal, most popular affiliations and most popular funding institutes (in terms of number of articles published).
  • A qualitative analysis, highlighting the five competitive forces prevalent in this domain, including threats for new entrants, bargaining power of suppliers, bargaining power of buyers, threats of substitute products and rivalry among existing competitors.
  • Elaborate profiles of prominent players engaged in the development of anti-aging therapeutics, featuring a brief overview of the company, details related to its product portfolio, recent developments and an informed future outlook.

Key Questions Answered

  • Who are the leading players engaged in the development of anti-aging therapeutics?
  • What types of partnership models are commonly adopted by industry stakeholders engaged in this industry?
  • Who are the key investors in the anti-aging therapeutics domain?
  • How is the intellectual property landscape in this field likely to evolve in the foreseen future?
  • What is the evolving trend of publications focused on anti-aging therapeutics?
  • What are the key value drivers that are likely to influence the evolution of this upcoming market?
  • How is the current and future market opportunity likely to be distributed across key market segments?

Key Topics Covered:





5.1. Chapter Overview
5.2. Assumptions and Key Parameters
5.3. Methodology
5.4. Anti-aging Therapeutics: Company Competitiveness Analysis
5.4.1. Small Companies
5.4.2. Mid-sized and Large Companies

6.1. Chapter Overview
6.2. Anti-aging Therapeutics: Partnerships and Collaborations
6.2.1 Analysis by Year of Partnership
6.2.2. Analysis by Type of Partnership
6.2.3. Analysis by Year and Type of Partnership
6.2.4. Leading Players: Analysis by Number of Partnerships
6.2.5. Analysis by Type of Partner
6.2.6. Analysis by Type of Agreement
6.2.7. Analysis by Region Intercontinental and Intracontinental Deals International and Local Deals

7.1. Chapter Overview
7.2. Anti-aging Therapeutics: Funding and Investments
7.2.1. Analysis of Instances by Year
7.2.2. Analysis of Amount Invested by Year
7.2.3 Analysis of Instances by Type of Funding
7.2.4. Analysis of Amount Invested by Type of Funding
7.2.5. Analysis by Type of Investor
7.2.6. Analysis by Focus Area
7.2.7. Analysis of Amount Invested by Region
7.2.8. Analysis of Amount Invested by Country
7.2.9. Most Active Investors: Analysis by Number of Instances
7.2.10. Most Active Players: Analysis by Number of Instances
7.2.11. Most Active Players: Analysis by Amount Invested

8.1. Chapter Overview
8.2. Scope and Methodology
8.3. Anti-aging Therapeutics: Patent Analysis
8.3.1. Analysis by Type of Patent
8.3.2. Analysis by Patent Publication Year
8.3.3. Analysis of Granted Patents by Year
8.3.4. Analysis by Geography
8.3.5. Analysis by CPC Symbols
8.3.6. Analysis by Type of Applicant
8.3.7. Analysis by Emerging Focus Areas
8.3.8. Analysis by Patent Age
8.3.9. Leading Industry Players: Analysis by Number of Patents
8.3.10. Leading Non-Industry Players: Analysis by Number of Patents
8.3.11. Leading Individual Assignees: Analysis by Number of Patents
8.4. Anti-aging Therapeutics: Patent Benchmarking
8.4.1. Analysis by Patent Characteristics
8.5. Anti-aging Therapeutics: Patent Valuation

9.1. Chapter Overview
9.2. Scope and Methodology
9.3. Anti-aging Therapeutics: Publication Analysis


11.1. AgelessRx
11.1.1. Company Overview
11.1.2. Product Portfolio
11.1.3. Recent Developments and Future Outlook
11.2. ANOVA Institute for Regenerative Medicine
11.2.1. Company Overview
11.2.2. Product Portfolio
11.2.3. Recent Developments and Future Outlook
11.3. Betterhumans
11.3.1. Company Overview
11.3.2. Product Portfolio
11.3.3. Recent Developments and Future Outlook
11.4. BioAge Labs
11.4.1. Company Overview
11.4.2. Product Portfolio
11.4.3. Recent Developments and Future Outlook
11.5. bioXcellerator
11.5.1. Company Overview
11.5.2. Product Portfolio
11.5.3. Recent Developments and Future Outlook
11.6. Cambrian Biopharma
11.6.1. Company Overview
11.6.2. Product Portfolio
11.6.3. Recent Developments and Future Outlook
11.7.1. Company Overview
11.7.2. Product Portfolio
11.7.3. Recent Developments and Future Outlook
11.8. Mayo Clinic
11.8.1. Company Overview
11.8.2. Product Portfolio
11.8.3. Recent Developments and Future Outlook
11.9. Rejuvenate Bio
11.9.1. Company Overview
11.9.2. Product Portfolio
11.9.3. Recent Developments and Future Outlook
11.10. UT Health San Antonio
11.10.1. Company Overview
11.10.2. Product Portfolio
11.10.3. Recent Developments and Future Outlook

12.1. Forecast Methodology and Key Assumptions
12.2. Global Anti-aging Therapeutics Market, 2022-2040
12.2.1. Anti-aging Therapeutics Market: Analysis by Type of Molecule
12.2.2. Anti-aging Therapeutics Market: Analysis by Type of Aging
12.2.3. Anti-aging Therapeutics Market: Analysis by Geography Anti-aging Therapeutics Market in North America, 2022-2040 Anti-aging Therapeutics Market in Europe, 2022-2040 Anti-aging Therapeutics Market in Asia Pacific, 2022-2040 Anti-aging Therapeutics Market in Rest of the World, 2022-2040
12.2.4. Anti-aging Therapeutics: Forecast of Individual Product Sales bioXgel (PRP) (bioXcellerator): Estimated Sales Revenues AR-100 (Rejenevie Therapeutics): Estimated Sales Revenues BGE-117 (BioAge Labs): Estimated Sales Revenues Dasatinib and Quercetin (TruDiagnostic): Estimated Sales Revenues MYMD-1 (MyMD Pharmaceuticals): Estimated Sales Revenues TRIIM Treatment (Intervene Immune): Estimated Sales Revenues Rapamycin (AgelessRx): Estimated Sales Revenues Sarconeos (BIO101) (Biophytis): Estimated Sales Revenues

13.1. Chapter Overview
13.2.1 Company Snapshot
13.2.2. Interview Transcript: Peter Fedichev (Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer)
13.3. Betterhumans
13.3.1. Company Snapshot
13.3.2. Interview Transcript: James Clement (President)
13.4. CytoMed Therapeutics
13.4.1. Company Snapshot
13.4.2. Interview Transcript: Wee Kiat Tan (Chief Operating Officer)
13.5. Cambrian Biopharma
13.5.1 Company Snapshot
13.5.2. Interview Transcript: Rosa Argyropoulos (Senior Director of Global Corporate Communications)
13.6. Landmark Medical Centre
13.6.1 Company Snapshot
13.6.2. Interview Transcript: Lucas Luk Tien Wee (Director and Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist)



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