A man who is fond of games, Interview with Umberto, Founder of Kryptomon


SINGAPORE, June 20, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Kryptomon has now listed its token $KMON on the BitYard exchange. Last week, BitYard held an AMA with the founder and CEO of The Kryptomon Company, Umberto Canessa, who has been fond of games and obsessed with Pokémon since childhood.

As mentioned before, everything starts with Canessa's passion for Pokémon and the will to make it real in some way. When Umberto was a kid, he was living in that world, and now he wants to bring it to life - I would not say that we are solving any particular problem in P2E, but rather we like to call ourselves Play AND Earn, and not Play To Earn (P2E).

Play To Earn worked tremendously at the beginning, but it now proves not sustainable - the reason behind this is having the focus on the earning part and not the play part. Instead, in Kryptomon, by focusing on PLAY first and EARN after, we created a sustainable circular economy.

There were audiences at the meeting asked, in the current situation of NFT, which is quite competitive, in which part of the features does Kryptomon surpass other competing products?

Umberto thinks, most of the metaverse to me has no sense, he means you have this amazing 3D world, you join and what? It's empty, nobody is there. It is funny how "metaverse" seems something new, but if you are a gamer like me, well you have been in the metaverse for years. As this group of people who play EVE Online, Minecraft Multiplayer, etc., millions of players, they're in the metaverse, not when there's just a Snoop Dogg concert, but every day.

Umberto believes that when you focus on these players, investors will follow. Why do people buy Amazon or Apple stock? Investors invest because they are doing so well -- their business is growing and they are solid. This is another element that a lot of crypto projects forget, they focus on getting investors to buy and hold their tokens when they should focus on bringing in users, and customers, growing the business, and then investors will come.

For him, the concept of Web3 is more complex than what the public is talking about now, and what we are seeing is just the tip of the iceberg. My point is that what we are seeing now is like the late 90s. What happened then? Many Internet companies appeared, and then capital flowed in, creating many bubbles that grew rapidly, and then the bubbles burst. What's left at the end? All the multi-billion dollar companies are the ones that survived the bubble, Google, Amazon, Yahoo, Salesforce, Oracle, etc. These companies are constantly growing and building a solid industry, not for quick money, but the long term.

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Kryptomon lists its KMON token on BitYard.