CEO’s of NIO, NEXCF, MREO, and AIMLF Advancing Next Wave of Multi-Billion Dollar Growth Opportunities in Web 3.0, Wearables, Pharma, and Electric Vehicles.

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NEW YORK, June 21, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Wall Street Reporter, the trusted name in financial news since 1843, has published reports on the latest comments and insights from CEO’s of:
NIO, Inc. (NYSE:NIO), NexTech AR Solutions (OTC: NEXCF) (CSE: NTAR), Mereo BioPharma (NASDAQ: MREO), AI/ML Innovations (OTC: AIMLF) (CSE: AIML). Today’s emerging technologies and lifestyle megatrends are creating billion dollar opportunities for disruptive innovation in how we live, work and play. Wall Street Reporter highlights the latest comments from industry thought leaders shaping our world today, and in the decades ahead:

NIO, Inc. (NYSE:NIO) CEO William LI: “2022 ‘Full Speed Ahead’ for NIO”
“...2021 was a year for NIO to develop fundamental powers and make comprehensive preparations for the next stage of development. 2022 is a year for NIO to press ahead at full speed. We will deliver three new products, continue to invest in R&D and infrastructure to improve our long-term competitiveness, expand our production capacity to meet the faster-growing user demand, and serve users in more countries and regions…2021 has been a year of decisive investment in charging and swapping infrastructure as well as the sales and service network. In terms of the sales and service network, we now have 46 NIO houses and 341 NIO spaces in 155 cities worldwide. In China, we have 60 new service centers and 179 authorized service centers in 146 cities…As the sales and service network expands quickly, we have been continuously optimizing the network deployment and the operational efficiency of each touchpoint while delivering high quality services to users. In 2022, we plan to open more than 100 new sales outlets and over 50 new service centers and authorized service centers.
In terms of the charging and swapping network, we have deployed 866 battery swap stations in 190 cities and completed over 7.6 million swaps in China. So far, we have 711 super charging stations and 3786 destination chargers in China. In 2022, we will add 30 new destination charging routes to the Power Up Plan. With that, NIO will accumulatively operate over 1300 battery swap stations, 6000 power chargers and 10,000 destination chargers in China…”
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NexTech AR Solutions (OTC: NEXCF) (CSE: NTAR) CEO Evan Gappelberg: “On-Ramp to Web 3.0 for $5.5 Trillion E-Commerce Market”
NexTech AR (OTC: NEXCF), a featured presenter at Wall Street Reporter's "Next Super Stock" investor conference series, recently shared with investors how NEXCF is emerging as a key player in the $5.5 trillion global e-commerce market transition to web 3.0 and the metaverse. NEXCF Augmented Reality solutions enable to view products in lifelike 3D, in their own living room. This AR shopping experience bridges the gap between the physical world, and what was once a flat 2D online e-commerce experience. NEXCFs AR shopping experience is a “game changer” for the 5.5 trillion global e-commerce industry (source: Statisa 2022).

NEXCF AR solutions create billions of dollars in potential profitability and cost cost-savings for e-commerce leaders by driving +93% increases in click through rate, and -40% reductions in product returns. This value creation and ROI is driving growing demand and industry adoption of NEXCF AR solutions. Nearly 2 billion of the world’s population now shops online. Most importantly, over 72% of e-commerce is now done by mobile phone - a native platform for Augemented Reality apps like NEXCF. Global blue chip brands utilizing NexTech AR, include: Ford Mach EV, Kohls, CB2, Crate & Barrel, Pier 1, and Segway.

“NexTech’s AR solutions are rapidly becoming a ‘must-have’ for e-commerce leaders to succeed in today’s hyper-competitive market, where even marginal improvements in metrics like click-though and return-rates can mean the difference of billions of dollars to a company’s bottom line…We’re at an inflection point now, where industry demand and adoption for NexTech’s AR is accelerating and going mainstream. As E-Commerce shifts to Web 3.0 and the Metaverse, the demand for AR/3D product models becomes essential. NexTech is emerging as the “on ramp” to the Metaverse and Web 3.0 for the $5.5 trillion e-commerce industry. With over 200 million product SKU’s in e-commerce worldwide - NexTech has a potential revenue pipeline worth billions of dollars in coming years.”

June 3 - NEXCF announces Spin Out of ARitize Maps, Metaverse mapping platform into separate public company, creating “pure play” for investors seeking metaverse assets, and unleashing value for NEXCF shareholders.
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June 9 - NEXCF launches major upgrade to its metaverse mapping platform. The upgrade includes attendee ticket sales and registration options available to clients using the Map D platform. The Company is also testing a new breakthrough in scaling the creation of spatial maps for events, and especially augmented reality (AR) wayfinding by using Map D technology for its ARitize Maps product.

AI/ML Innovations (OTC: AIMLF) (CSE: AIML) Chairman, Tim Daniels: “AI/ML Holds Key Patents for Multi-Billion Dollar Healthcare Wearables Market”
AI/ML Innovations (OTC: AIMLF), a featured presenter at Wall Street Reporter's "Next Super Stock" investor conference series, recently updated investors on growth initiatives at AIMLF’s portfolio of digital health businesses including HealthGauge, a wearable personal health monitoring & management system, using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, and Tech2Heal a European mental health app innovator.

Of significant interest for investors is AIMLF’s landmark patent position for wearable health monitors - which could position AIMLF to collect licensing fees and royalties on the $13.8 Billion global Smart Wearable Healthcare Devices (projected to reach $37.4 Billion by 2028. Source: Verified Market Research.) AIMLF is now starting to license its technologies to health wearables companies, and collecting royalties. With typical royalties of 2% of gross sales, AIMLF could potentially generate significant recurring revenues from companies infringing on its broad patent position in the nearly $14 billion health wearables market.

AIMLF’s Health Gauge subsidiary, has recently been granted a patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (US Patent No. 11183303), titled "Wearable Health Monitors and Methods of Monitoring Health". The Patent covers Cardiovascular monitoring, Predictive health analysis, Behavioral analysis and 64 other claims, including use of multiple configurations of wearable health monitors, in conjunction with methods of analyzing bio-signals and monitoring health metrics (via Health Gauge's AI-driven software) for the purpose of assisting the user in achieving their personal health and wellness objectives.

AIMLF is reporting advancing growth at its portfolio company Tech2Heal, a European mental health app innovator. Tech2Heal is positioned for explosive revenue growth as European healthcare mandates now provide about 2,500 Euro per patient annually for mental wellness. Tech2Heal has just signed with a French multinational manufacturer, to provide mental wellness support to their 170,000 employees globally, and additional Enterprise contracts are in the pipeline. Tim Daniels also updated investors on AIML’s growing pipeline of M&A opportunities in the HealthTech space, which could have a positive impact on maximizing shareholder value in coming months.
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Mereo BioPharma (NASDAQ: MREO) CEO Denise Scots-Knight: “Alvelestat has the potential to be the first-in-class oral neutrophil elastase inhibitor”
Mereo BioPharma Group plc (NASDAQ: MREO), a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on oncology and rare diseases,reports positive top-line efficacy and safety results from “ASTRAEUS” a Phase 2 study of the investigational oral neutrophil elastase (NE) inhibitor, alvelestat (MPH-966), in patients with severe alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency-associated emphysema. The double-blind placebo-controlled study evaluated two different doses of alvelestat (high or low dose) or placebo, over a 12-week period (at weeks four, eight and 12) and the effect on three primary biomarker endpoints associated with AATD-related lung disease (AATD-LD), blood neutrophil elastase activity, Aα-val360 and the elastin breakdown product, desmosine. A total of 99 patients were enrolled and 98 patients were dosed in the study. At the high dose, alvelestat demonstrated statistically significant changes versus placebo in all three primary biomarker endpoints.

MREO CEO Dr. Denise Scots-Knight, commented: “These positive top-line results demonstrate the clear impact of alvelestat on key known biomarkers along the pathogenic pathway of AATD-LD. Alvelestat has the potential to be the first-in-class oral neutrophil elastase inhibitor for the treatment of AATD-LD. We look forward to analyzing the additional data on the secondary and exploratory endpoints and to engaging with the regulators on the design of a pivotal study.”
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