Trench Coat For Women Canada 2022 Collection - Frank And Oak's Sustainable Waterpoof Style Launch

Montreal, Quebec, CANADA

Montreal, June 22, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Montreal, Quebec -

Frank And Oak’s Kapok Trench Coat in feather grey is the latest sensation on the sustainable fashion brand’s online store that has been getting a lot of attention and interest lately. The item is so popular that, as of the time of writing, it is sold out in the store and customers are eagerly waiting for it to come back in stock. Frank And Oak is urging customers to check out the item’s details and to bookmark it if they find it interesting. Readers can view the listing of the item on the retailer’s store at the link:

Frank And Oak’s trench coat’s biggest USP is its unique fabrication material which comprises 80% organic cotton and 20% kapok fibre. Kapok is a fine fibre, very similar in constitution to cotton, which is obtained from the fruit of the kapok tree. The kapok tree (Scientific name: Ceiba pentandra) is native to Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean, northern South America, and West Africa. Kapok fibre has the unique property of being naturally moisture resistant. By using kapok fibre in the underlying material of the trench coat, the fabrication process can be completed with dramatically less amounts of water. By the company’s estimates, it has managed to save 2000 litres of water (approximately 12 full bathtubs’ worth), with the fabrication of each trench coat.

Trench Coat For Women Canada

A spokesperson for the company said: “The Kapok Trench Coat is a marriage of tradition and innovation. The benefits of the kapok fibre have been known to the natives for centuries. Extracts from the kapok tree have been used as a source of healing and as replacement fibres for a long time. The bark decoction of the kapok tree was particularly useful as a diuretic. The light and buoyant nature of the fibre also makes it a great candidate for use as an alternative to down for filling in items such as toys, mattresses, and pillows. What we have managed to do here at Frank And Oak is to blend the goodness of the kapok fibre with cotton using a modern manufacturing process. We have thus created a hybrid material that is naturally thermoregulating, breathable, and biodegradable. We have harnessed the strengths of kapok fibre and merged it with cotton to create a wind-resistant and water-repellent fabric that will keep you dry and comfortable in tough weather conditions. Moreover, the use of kapok fibres in our process offsets carbon emissions while encouraging large-scale reforestation. In summary, we have managed to squeeze out even more utility from this wonderful gift that just keeps on giving. We are extremely proud of the Kapok Trench Coat and we can’t wait for our loyal customers to experience its full benefits.”

Design-wise, the Kapok Trench Coat for women checks all the boxes, and then some, that someone looking for a trench coat for daily use would prioritize. It is a knee-length item for maximum body coverage. It also boasts features such as Raglan sleeves, two welt hand pockets with magnetic snaps at the sides, one inside chest pocket, shoulder and sleeve tabs, a double-breasted design, unlined make, and a self-tie belt. Finally, the clothing item is also compatible with all Smart-Layer jackets due to the inclusion of Frank And Oak’s famous proprietary snap system.

The Kapok Trench Coat in feather grey is available from Frank And Oak at $269. Customers who want to split the payment can do so by availing of the store’s offer to pay in 4 interest-free instalments of $67.25. The trench coat is available in 5 different sizes – XS, S, M, L, and XL. The store provides a companion sizing guide that gives the bust and waist measurements to correspond to the sizes of the trench coat. To care for the item, the store listing asks buyers to wash the trench coat with cold water using a delicate cycle, requests them to not bleach or dry clean the item, to tumble dry it on delicate, and to iron on low heat.

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