BrandSafway introduces new BrandTech® Precision Layout System

First and only laser layout system for refractory anchors improves accuracy, reduces setup time by up to 75%

Kennesaw, Georgia, USA, June 23, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- BrandSafway is announcing the launch of BrandTech® Precision Layout, a new, innovative welding solution, which uses laser-guided technology to improve accuracy and reduce layout time by up to 75%. The proprietary and patent-pending system automates the anchor layout process with laser precision, increasing productivity, while reducing costs. The anchor layout system yields significant time savings, which eliminates entire shifts on major outages, especially when combined with BrandTech Precision Welding.

“Operators can locate just two reference points and start welding immediately,” said Lance Zier, BrandSafway’s director of refractory operations. “BrandTech Precision Layout is the first and only laser layout system available for refractory anchors. It completely eliminates the need for inefficient chalk and string, tape measures and templates – the laser technology does all the setup work.”

The U.S.-made system can be used in two ways: static mount or gun mount. The stand-alone static mount unit can lay out square grids of any standard or custom layouts. Operators can easily change the distance between points simply by moving the laser system closer or farther from the surface.

“The static mount option is ideal for use in heaters, boilers and fabrication shops and can be positioned using a tripod or magnet or it can be clamped to the legs of a scaffold,” said Eduardo Almeida, BrandTech’s director of innovation. “Of course, BrandSafway also can design custom clamping systems, if needed.”

The gun-mount option can be attached to the BrandTech Precision Welding gun and is ideal for reaching tight spaces and complex welds, such as Fluid Catalytic Cracking Units (FCCU), cyclones and standpipes. BrandTech Precision Layout makes it easy to fine-tune increments to adjust to any layout of close-range welds.

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BrandTech Precision Layout photos available upon request. 

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BrandTech® Precision Layout gun mount unit BrandTech® Precision Layout static mount unit

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