U.S. Gain Partners with Utility to Expand Focus on Renewable Energy

Voluntary programs offer energy flexibility and renewable solution to directly address sustainability goals.

Appleton, Wisconsin, UNITED STATES

Appleton, WI, June 27, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- U.S. Gain®, a leader in the development and distribution of alternative fuel, renewable energy, and environmental commodities, is excited to supply renewable natural gas (RNG) to a large Midwest utility, supporting their greenhouse gas emission reduction goals. RNG provides a sustainable choice for residential and small business customers, contributing to a cleaner future through use of renewable energy.

“RNG is a direct replacement for carbon-intensive fossil fuels—and has a low or even negative carbon footprint. When utility customers ask for RNG instead of conventional gas, they are supporting recycling, environmental sustainability, and new jobs in their community” said Patrick Serfass, American Biogas Council’s executive director. “The U.S. needs more companies like U.S. Gain to continue to help utilities lower their carbon emissions and that of their customers.”

This partnership allows the utility to take bold steps to significantly increase their commitment to renewable energy and efforts to cut carbon emissions. RNG plays an important role in this transition and will be utilized to reach a goal of net zero carbon emissions by 2050. This utility’s customers are involved in the journey to net zero as well through energy efficiency programs and voluntary RNG and carbon offset investments. As new technologies, such as hydrogen and carbon capture become market-ready, they will provide additional, viable renewable energy solutions to their customers.

“As an established developer of RNG, we are familiar with the process from start to finish and find ways to save on cost while still offering the flexibility our partners want,” said Bryan Nudelbacher, director of business development at U.S. Gain. “We’ve built relationships across the supply chain to maximize the benefits of using RNG in a variety of applications. In this case, the utility’s net zero plan will reduce carbon emissions by six million metric tons per year—significantly reducing their emissions footprint.”

“Allowing customers the opportunity to choose RNG to reduce their carbon footprint is a positive step forward in our battle against climate change,” said Johannes Escudero, founder & CEO of the RNG Coalition. “Increasingly, utilities and customers across the country and around the world are recognizing the role RNG has to play in this fight. Capturing and converting methane into renewable fuel, heat, and power is crucial for our environment today—and is a no regrets solution that will benefit our planet for generations.”

U.S. Gain offers scalable solutions backed by an impressive history in the RNG development space. To learn more about RNG development and voluntary market deals, contact us today.


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