D9 Technologies Launches New Website

Growth, evolution, and new product and services warrant new site and other marketing initiatives

ENGLEWOOD, Ohio, June 28, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- D9 Technologies, a provider of top-tier cybersecurity, response, compliance, managed, and infrastructure services to mid-tier companies, has launched a new website as part of re-staging and re-positioning its brand, communicating its concentration on cybersecurity, expanding its product portfolio, and stepping up its marketing efforts to promote its growth and success. The new site is just one element in a comprehensive program of marketing communications being created for a variety of media.

“Since our founding, we’ve grown through word of mouth and by earning a solid reputation with our technical expertise and our dependable customer service,” said Eric Brown, co-founder and CEO of D9. “Now we’re at the point at which our growth warrants a broader reach and more effective communication of what we do and how well we do it. Our new website is just one step in the process of refining our communications efforts and spreading the word. The future looks very bright, indeed.”

D9 offers cybersecurity services that include gap analysis, vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, monitoring, response, compliance. It offers managed services — designing, installing, and managing physical and virtual IT environments. It offers infrastructure services to ensure wired and wireless networks are configured and performing optimally. And it offers periodic support services — weekly, monthly, and/or quarterly — as well as the day-to-day fixes that are part of doing business.

About D9 Technologies
D9 provides the intellectual capital, the functional capabilities, and the operational guidance its clients need to do business more effectively, more productively, and with less exposure. From viruses to ransomware, from breaches to data theft, risk is constant and growing. That risk can be mitigated significantly with a thorough vulnerability assessment and the appropriate protective measures. The time to take the proper precautions is now. For more information, please visit www.d9now.com.

Media contact:
JoAnna Bennett