Kennected's CMO Stephen Twomey Is Calling For Sales And Marketing Professionals To Join Its Ranks In 2022

Indianapolis, Indiana, June 28, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

Kennected is appealing to professionals in the domains of sales, marketing, and IT, to find out more about the company and the exciting career prospects that it can provide to qualified and motivated individuals.

Kennected is an Indianapolis-based SaaS company that has created a lead generation and marketing tool for the LinkedIn platform. It currently serves more than 10,000 businesses and entrepreneurs all over the world. It was one of the fastest-growing SaaS companies in 2020 and has posted a growth of around 20% month over month since it was founded in 2018 by a group of 5 friends who had the vision to offer high-level lead generation and sales technologies. Readers interested in finding out more about the company can check out a recent press release on Kennected's LinkedIn Profile Optimizer.

LinkedIn Software Profile Optimization Tool by Kennected

Kennected recently announced its intention to hire more marketing and sales professionals. This is at odds with the rest of the technology sector which has recently been in the spotlight for several businesses that have either gone under or slashed jobs. Many factors have contributed to these layoffs. One of the tech industry’s biggest drivers over the last several years, the crypto boom, faced a major crisis as crypto markets crashed and major players such as Terra Luna were exposed for not being able to fulfill their promises. Consequently Coinbase, a cryptocurrency exchange platform, reportedly laid off 1100 people or around 18% of its labor force. These huge percentage drops in the company’s total workforce also extended to major conventional tech companies such as Redfin (6%), Robinhood (9%), and Peloton (20%), all of which were forced to take those measures either due to dwindling sales, falling subscriber numbers, a fall in their stock price, or a combination of all three.

Kennected’s CMO commented on the current state of the technology industry and what makes it different by saying, “While the rest of the technology sector is laying people off, Kennected believes that the best time to grow is when everyone else is pulling back. In that vein, anyone who is looking for a career in technology sales and marketing should visit Kennected's website to learn more about what it’s like to work at a young and vibrant company. Kennected is an Inc 5000 honoree, a shortlist of the country’s 5000 fastest-growing companies. With the amazing growth we have had in the past few months, we expect to hire more people specifically in the sales department to handle the increased lead flow from our SEO and paid ads strategies.”

Kennected offers competitive salaries to individuals who envision a career as high-performing sales representatives or as a part of management, marketing, or support. Its marketing staff is constantly looking for developers, programmers, designers, video creators, and writers at the top of their game. The company offers in-office sales jobs at its headquarters in downtown Indianapolis. On its website, Kennected also says that diversity and inclusion are important for its mission and it is committed to a fair and kind workplace. The company’s facilities, fair wages, and culture were also recognized by Yahoo Finance when its 2020 Powder Keg awards deemed Kennected to be the top place to work in the technology field.

When asked what makes Kennected unique, CMO Stephen Twomey says, "Kennected is a special place to build your career. We are a SaaS company (software as a service), but we also have departments other than IT to build a career in. In fact, more than 60% of our staff are involved in sales and sales management. We also have a very extensive operations team, led by COO Brandon Poplstein. We are so excited to be offering a world-class office for our salespeople to work out of. And for our operations and marketing teams, which are largely remote - we are dedicated to providing a Kulture that mimics the vibe of our in-house Kulture. And yes, that is culture spelled, with a "K”.”

Readers with a passion for sales and marketing or those with development chops can head over to Kennected’s website to initiate a job application. Aspirants can also follow Kennected's Twitter account for company updates.


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