investGrade™ Brings Powerful Business Intelligence to Investment Managers in the Retirement Plan Industry

LeafHouse Financial Services, LLC, announces investGrade™ is live for DCIO (defined contribution investment only) professionals. investGrade™ focuses on democratizing data to increase the free flow of information in the retirement plan industry. This promotes transparency allowing people to make informed decisions to increase positive outcomes and lower cost. Early adopters will be able to drive future features.

Austin, TX, June 29, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- investGrade™ Chief Executive Officer, Todd Kading says, “The industry cannot solve its problems by doing the same thing it’s always done. Change is needed. investGrade™ is that change.”

Cloud-based investGrade™ creates an efficient solution that puts data to work to benefit advisors, employers, and their employees. This will help everyday American workers improve their financial independence and stability. investGrade™ developers incorporate over a decade of research and technology development experience working with advisors, recordkeepers, third-party administrators, and DCIO firms to create an interactive ecosystem. This platform is a central source of key data points for retirement industry groups.

Investment managers can explore over 100,000 unique investments. investGrade™ offers filters and comparison tools that include an Investment Grade Point Average (GPA) system. The GPA is an easy-to-understand score on investments that range from 1.0 to 4.0. The GPA is applied to funds in retirement plans (including CITs and index funds). This allows investment managers to compare fund returns data and realign resources. This independent data exchange allows DCIOs to aggregate assets, positions and plans from all recordkeepers in one location with the proper licensing agreements.

investGrade™ is solving industry challenges and modernizing the retirement plan business by partnering with projekt202 who specialize in designing and building end-to-end user-centric experiences across multiple verticals and segments. 

"We're always excited to support innovative ideas that truly disrupt industries – in this case it is the retirement plan space. With investGrade™, we focused on delivering the right experiences to  DCIO and Recordkeeping firms, and with that, better experiences for Advisors to serve Plan Sponsors." Managing Director, Klas Gothager, projekt202. “The collaboration between investGrade™ and projekt202 revolutionizes investment research and reporting, data aggregation and communication methods in the retirement industry.”

"When disrupting a market via technological innovation you look for an established partner. With projekt202’s experience-driven design and development methods, they were able to take us from concept to implementation, and we couldn't be more excited about the results" said Kading.

investGrade™ will be available to advisors in the fall of 2022 which will include a freemium model. This means advisors will be able to use the off-the-shelf version for no cost with options to upgrade and customize.

An annual subscription for service includes seven users. Pricing for early adopters through July 31, 2022 is $35,000.00. Beginning August 1, 2022 standard pricing is $55,000.00.

To learn more or schedule a demo, visit investGrade™ at

About LeafHouse Financial Services, LLC and investGrade™

LeafHouse Financial Services, LLC. DBA investGrade™ is a firm dedicated to building ancillary services for the financial industry. investGrade™ is a cloud-based software solution that provides the financial industry with investment research and reporting, data aggregation and communication services. Both investGrade™ and LeafHouse Financial Services, LLC. are neither a Registered Investment Advisory firm nor affiliated with a Broker Dealer, and those entities do not have fiduciary oversight of any client assets. LeafHouse Financial Services, LLC is a sister company of LeafHouse Financial Advisors, LLC.


LeafHouse Financial Advisors, LLC®. an experienced, national discretionary investment manager and consultant for all types of retirement plans. LeafHouse acts in both a 3(21) and 3(38) fiduciary capacity for a multitude of private and public retirement plans that range from start-up to large institutions across the U.S. LeafHouse developed proprietary technology that is designed to prudently select, evaluate, and monitor investments that are solely in the best interests of plan participants and their beneficiaries.


The firm is an independent and flexible fiduciary that aims to provide the maximum level of protection at a low cost to avoid conflicts of interest. LeafHouse integrates technology and industry knowledge to provide a layer of protection to plan sponsors. As we work to uphold the fiduciary standard, our aim is to wholly align our interests with those of our clients.

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