Ambassador Edge Stack Becomes First Cloud Native API Gateway To Support HTTP/3 For High Performance Enterprise Environments

New capabilities for simple, secure configuration of edge services required to manage applications at scale across Kubernetes

BOSTON, June 29, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Ambassador Labs, the cloud native developer experience leader, today announced the newest release of Ambassador Edge Stack, an integrated edge solution that empowers developer teams to quickly configure the edge services required to build, deliver, and scale applications for Kubernetes. HTTP/3 support has been added to Ambassador Edge Stack v3.0 and Emissary-ingress, the CNCF project originally donated by the company, making it simple for developers to manage and observe traffic from the Internet to their Kubernetes services, and to do so with resilience and security at scale. Ambassador Labs also announced a series of learning programs, including the new Kubernetes Learning Center (KLC) site designed to boost skills for developers and platform engineering teams.

“Ambassador Edge Stack is a trusted self-service edge offering that eliminates the ops change request backlog and gives power to the developers to implement policy changes to support faster app release cycles with confidence,” said Richard Li, co-founder and CEO at Ambassador. “Our newest release reinforces our commitment to the developer experience as they take ownership of the full app lifecycle. An intuitive interface makes it simple for developers to own policy changes at the edge - with full visibility into any and all changes made - so they can release applications fast, more frequently and with the highest level of security.”

A Comprehensive Edge Stack
Ambassador Edge Stack shifts the responsibility of edge configuration away from the platform teams and gives developers self-service access to the most comprehensive set of capabilities required at the edge. Developers can pick and choose which capabilities best support their requirements for fast, scalable app delivery, and ops teams can set cluster-wide guardrails for safety and security. Ambassador Edge Stack includes a modern ingress controller for always-on application availability with fine-grained traffic management controls. It also supports a variety of protocols that developers are familiar with, including gRPC and gRPC-Web and new support for HTTP/3, and support for automatic retries, timeouts, circuit breakers, and rate limiting to maximize application availability.

"Our team at Mercedes-Benz uses Ambassador as an Ingress for all HTTP communications from 12 million cars in production. We see about a billion hits per day, serving 14 million requests at its peak through Ambassador in a five-minute interval through all our regions combined. Mercedes-Benz collects roughly 9 terabytes of traffic from requests in a day,” says Nashon Steffen, Staff Infrastructure Development Engineer at Mercedes-Benz. “Ambassador makes it very easy for us to manage endpoints across all our regions worldwide and is able to seamlessly adapt and work with every region’s 80 different endpoints, each with varying configuration requirements."

Ambassador Edge Stack with new HTTP/3 protocol support makes it easier than ever for developers to configure even more services at the edge so they can run applications and alert teams to all new application functions faster and with greater security. With 73% of running browsers and over 25% of websites using the HTTP/3 protocol to exchange data on the web, Ambassador Edge Stack customers now benefit from even more protocol choices to deliver and manage microservices at scale. HTTP/3 is especially beneficial for users with lossy networks, such as cell/mobile-based apps, IoT devices, or apps serving emerging markets. The increased resilience through rapid reconnection and the reduced latency from the new protocol will benefit all types of Internet traffic, such as typical web browsing/search, ecommerce/finance, or the use of interactive web-based applications, all of which can encounter packet loss of 2%+ on the underlying networks.

The newest release of Ambassador Edge Stack follows recent technology partnerships and product innovations, all designed to unlock developer productivity for cloud native teams. These include:

  • New Docker Extension for Telepresence that allows Docker Desktop users to instantly bridge local workstations with Kubernetes clusters in the cloud and test local changes against remote dependencies as well as share previews with developer team members.
  • New Ambassador Cloud Team Edition with new capabilities and pricing designed for distributed development teams to accelerate Kubernetes adoption as they code, test, ship and run cloud native applications.
  • Member of the Steering Committee for the new Envoy Gateway project that will make it easy for developers to use Envoy in the future as a reference API gateway for cloud native development and delivery.

Learning Kubernetes as a Team
Ambassador Labs has launched a new Kubernetes Learning Center (KLC) site, instituted by requests and feedback from the company’s global developer community. The KLC site is a free online destination that offers a variety of hands-on training content learning opportunities for developers, platform engineers, architects, DevOps engineers and more. Additionally, the company remains committed to helping developers accelerate their Kubernetes journey via the “Golden Path Pizza Party”, free technical lunch-and-learn program designed to help teams adopt Kubernetes using proven architectural patterns and trusted open source tools.

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