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Carlsbad, CA, June 29, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Colorescience®, a leading dermatologist-recommended specialty skincare and cosmetics company announces published results in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology, Open-Label assessment of the efficacy and tolerability of a skin care regimen for treating subjects with visible and physical symptoms of sensitive skin. The 12-week open-label clinical trial assessed the efficacy and tolerability of the Colorescience All Calm® Sensitive Skin topical facial regimen for treating subjects with facial redness and sensitive skin.

Dr. Ellen O. Turner, board-certified dermatologist at Dermatology Office of Dr. Ellen Turner in Dallas, TX and lead investigator of the study shared, “Having a non-steroidal topical solution to address sensitive skin concerns is important to me and my patients. As lead investigator for this study, I was able to evaluate and observe the impressive results from the All Calm® Sensitive Skin Regimen. I am thrilled to offer these safe and effective products to my patients.”

The 12-week study consisted of two subject groups. Group A subjects had not used any professional grade topical skincare, office-based treatments or prescription products to address their sensitive skin. Group B subjects were actively receiving treatment using professional topical skincare or prescription products. This is a significant study design because it represents the two types of patients who are seeking to address facial redness and sensitive skin.

Results of the clinical study showed the mean Overall Redness Scale Score improved by 25% at week 12 with results seen as early as two months. At the end of the study, more than 50% of subjects experienced marked global improvement.  At week 12, all subjects agreed or strongly agreed that their facial redness was less noticeable, their skin appeared less inflamed, their overall skin appearance improved, and their skin looked and felt healthier. 100% of subjects reported that they would continue to use the All Calm® Sensitive Skin Regimen. 

Facial redness is a common concern among 60% to 70% of women and 50% to 60% of men, and is associated with a higher incidence of embarrassment, social anxiety, and diminished quality of life. The All Calm® Sensitive Skin Regimen products address key environmental triggers to help calm and soothe sensitive, easily irritated skin, hydrate, support skin barrier health, smooth skin texture, and provide immediate correction and ongoing relief of redness. The results of this 12-week study indicate that the All Calm® Sensitive Skin Regimen designed to neutralize skin redness, soothe inflamed skin, and provide sun protection was well-tolerated and improved the visible and physical symptoms of sensitive skin. Importantly, this treatment helped to restore confidence for the participants.


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