Sisters of the Valley Boycott 4th of July

Politics is the war of winning inches, activism is the war of winning miles.

Merced, California, June 30, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Sisters of the Valley invite all Americans to show their patriotism towards this country's core values and boycott the 4th of July.  The boycott means not spending any money at all, not at the gas pumps, not at the dollar store, not online, no purchases, zero spend, for three days spanning July 3rd, 4th, and 5th.

The Sisters of the Valley are not alone in feeling revolted at the idea of celebrating independence day with the stench of the reversal of rights hanging in the air.  And they aren’t just boycotting 4th of July celebrations but have joined a larger group of Americans who have committed to making no purchases at all for three days. 

The Sisters say this is the first of many actions they will be joining in response to this Orwellian Supreme Court.  The sisters released a video explaining what happened to SCOTUS and what the people can do about it this independence day.

It is a very simple protest to participate in.  Fill your tank, buy your food and supplies Saturday, then don’t spend any money for three days.   

“This boycott is a very effective action for us to take,” explains Sister Kate.  “Nothing burns the butts of the corporate oligarchs more than zero sales days, or near zero sales days.  And it’s not about depriving them of their purchases or us of needed items, because we buy our things ahead of time or after, but it is about power.  It shows them we can organize against them and that scares them.  They become the frightened deer in the headlights, and we become the driver, which reverses the situation we are in now.  Boycotts have been settling disputes in first world countries for many decades now, and it is peaceful and effective.  I hope many, many people participate in this action.”    

Sister Kate concludes and beseeches, “The Sisters have a long history of activism and took part in many actions over the years that resulted in making change.  We can’t do it alone, though, people need to show their outrage and participate.”




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