n-Tier Announces CAIS Submitter Certification Following Record Year Serving Regulated Financial Institutions

Firm highlights triple-digit percentage client growth leading up to key FINRA CAT CAIS 2e regulatory deadlines

NEW YORK, June 30, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- n-Tier Financial Services, an innovative technology company that specializes in helping clients minimize regulatory reporting risk and cost, announced today that it has achieved CAIS report submission certification, as well as its fourth consecutive quarter of record growth. Following increased investment in technology and staff, n-Tier’s proven Compliance Workbench platform has been further demonstrated to address broker-dealers’ and other financial institutions’ most pressing regulatory needs.

“The beauty of the platform is its simplicity and flexibility,” said Peter Gargone, Founder and CEO of n-Tier. “The costs to manage data in traditional ways, manually reconciling data across both a distributed technology stack and potentially dozens of vendors and platforms, are high. But the costs of inaccurate or incomplete regulatory reporting are even higher. With the FINRA CAT CAIS 2e certification deadline looming next month, both our existing and incoming clients are ready to comply on day one and as subsequent deadlines approach.”

“Our clients operate in some of the most sensitive industries in the world,” said Jeff Bergson, EVP, n-Tier. “Risks lie around every corner. n-Tier’s institutional clients depend on us to give them confidence that their data are validated, reconciled and ready for review under today’s predominant regulatory regimes. We’ve invested in accelerating our client onboarding and satisfying the requirements of new and emergent regulations, such as CAT CAIS, LOPR, 606, EBS and TRACE. Achieving certification as a CAIS submitter is a significant milestone and one we are proud to share with our clients.”

n-Tier was founded in 2000 with a philosophy of delivering modular and flexible technology to deliver tailor-made solutions for managing content and data. Today, clients ranging in size from global banks to small- and medium-sized financial firms trust n-Tier’s data aggregation and reconciliation platform to boost their confidence in reporting to industry regulators.


About n-Tier

n-Tier is an innovative technology company that couples deep industry expertise with a unique software platform to help firms manage the accuracy and completeness of their critical business data. n-Tier's clients range from global leaders to small and mid-size companies in various industries including finance, pharmaceuticals, and insurance.  Our platform is highly configurable, has low IT impact and can be installed locally or used as part of our cloud offering. For more information on n-Tier visit www.ntierfs.com.


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