New E-Book Guides Homeowners Through Remodeling or Building an Eco-Friendly Home

Packed with hundreds of tips, terms, and energy-saving ideas, the Homeowner’s Handbook of Green Building & Remodeling helps homeowners reduce their monthly bills while helping to mitigate the climate emergency. And it’s free!

Lake City Colorado, UNITED STATES

Lake City, Colo., June 30, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- As inflated prices put pressure on everything related to fossil fuels: home heating, cooling, electric and water bills, food, and transportation, home improvement offers an area where people can regain control in their lives.

Written over several years by the award-winning editors of Green Builder magazine, the Homeowner’s Handbook of Green Building & Remodeling starts with a look at which remodeling projects pay off most quickly. How do you choose? Our exclusive Green Building Pyramid breaks down the path to net-zero living. Start with the big stuff—such as location and siting—and work up to smart tech and solar panels.

The goal? To help you select projects with the greatest return on your home improvement dollar. As advocates for conservation and greener living, we want to help you lower your home’s monthly operational costs lower, at the same time reducing your CO2 pollution footprint. 

Here’s the kind of information included in the Handbook:

·       How much insulation do I really need? What kind is best? 

·       Is plastic composite roofing durable?

·       What should I look for in a heat pump air conditioner?

·       Why do some “green” cabinets still give off chemical odors?

·       What’s the truth about electric v. gas cooktops?

·       Will I have to wash my solar panels all the time?

·       Do dishwashers actually save water or energy over hand washing?

·       Should I replace all the old lightbulbs in my house now?

·       How can I keep the summer heat out of my attic?

·       How can I prevent leaks from destroying my house when I’m away?

Broken into easy-to-follow categories and topics, with links and write-ups on dozens of high-performance products, the Homeowner’s Handbook of Green Building & Remodeling is available now as an online eBook. Download it here

This ebook was made possible by Vivint, Whirlpool, JinkoSolar, myQ, and Sonos. 

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The Homeowner's Handbook of Green Building & Remodeling

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