Introducing RESTN Protocol - A web3 lifestyle platform with GameFi and SocialFi, factors allowing people to earn passive income while living a healthy lifestyle

Houston, July 04, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- RESTN is developed essentially to cover all daily activities like - walking, jogging, running, resting and many more. Users of the Restn program are rewarded for resting and sleeping in addition to engaging in healthful exercises like walking, jogging, and running. With Restn, you can make money without just walking or running—you can also make money while you're sleeping. You can use Restn APP to track your resting hours and convert them to cash. With the Restn protocol, all you have to do is buy a BED or a CHAIR, depending on your needs, and convert the rest to cash. The key point of this protocol will be to connect the crypto world with people's daily activities

Restn is also auto-staking and auto-compounding protocol that pays sustainable 0.5% APY daily. Restn also have unique and state of the art Anti-dump mechanism (ADM) that systematically protects your investment.Restn have the most complete anti-dump system in the world. Nobody can dump all their tokens without paying a hefty price. Restn protocol also come with RST INSURANCE FUND, RST TREASURY, Multi-chain farming, Burn Mechanism. 

RESTN is a Binance smart chain BEP20 token that is solely focused on providing holders with long-term PASSIVE INCOME AND PRICE STABILITY while also leading a healthy lifestyle. To accomplish this, it uses a fee structure that encourages long-term holding while discouraging pump and dumps. 


Token Name: Restn

Token Ticker: RST

Blockchain: BSC

Total Supply: 100 Million

Maximum Supply: 3 Billion

Buy/Sell/Transfer fee: 8%/12%/12%

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Restn public sale will be launched on popular launchpad Pinksale on 8th July, 2022. Trading will get live right after the end of public sale. 

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