Lightspeed Filter™, Lightspeed Alert™, and Lightspeed Analytics™ Win Tech & Learning Best of Show Award

Award Recognizes Excellence In Advancing Education Through Technology

Austin, Texas, July 05, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Lightspeed Systems® (“Lightspeed”), an international leader in learning safety and effectiveness, is honored that three of its cutting-edge solutions — Lightspeed Filter, Lightspeed Alert, and Lightspeed Analytics — have won the Tech & Learning Awards for Best of Show. These three Lightspeed solutions were chosen from among the highest performers in the edtech industry.

  • Lightspeed Filter automatically blocks harmful content by leveraging 20 years of web indexing and the power of advanced AI technology. Lightspeed Filter goes beyond CIPA compliance to offer districts a comprehensive web filtering solution that is fast, smart, and secure.
  • Lightspeed Alert monitors students’ online activity for indicators of self-harm, violence, and bullying, and then brings any concerning activity to the attention of both the district and Lightspeed’s 24/7/365 in-house team of trained safety specialists. When an imminent threat is detected, the Lightspeed team immediately notifies designated staff and/or emergency personnel for swift intervention.
  • Lightspeed Analytics is the industry-leading data analytics program that helps educators leverage their data to achieve better education outcomes. By tracking real-time app usage on all student devices, no matter where students use them, district leaders can use Lightspeed Analytics to generate the data-driven insights they need to protect student data privacy, boost ROI, and track student engagement. 

“Advancing education and student safety through innovative and secure technology is what inspires and drives our team,” says Brian Thomas, CEO for Lightspeed Systems. “Every day, millions of students are safer and learning more effectively as a result of these solutions and we’re honored by Tech & Learning’s recognition of that contribution.”

Tech & Learning’s Best of Show Awards were announced at the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) annual conference in New Orleans last week. Judges awarded the products and solutions to exhibitors transforming education in schools around the world. Lightspeed Systems was on-site to meet with educators, district leaders, and partners in pursuit of further advancing learning and safety for all students.


About Lightspeed Systems® 

With over 20 years of providing technology to meet the needs of schools, Lightspeed Systems® is the market leader in online student safety and effectiveness. The purpose-built Lightspeed ecosystem of cloud-based solutions—tailored to meet today’s evolving challenges—provides schools worldwide with the most effective web filter, student safety monitor, classroom management software, device management tool, and analytics program available. Lightspeed Systems is a proven partner for schools, serving over 20 million students in 39 countries and 28,000 schools globally. To learn more, visit


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